Proposed Bipartisan Operating Agreement for Extraordinary Session Called by Governor

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The New York State Senate remains deadlocked with 31 Senators in the Democratic Conference and 31 Senators affiliated with the Republican Conference.

The Governor has called for an extraordinary session in which to pass time-sensitive legislation. 

Find a copy of the proposed bipartisan operating agreement to run the extraoardinary session, put forward by the Senate Democratic Conference on June 22nd, 2009, here.

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Gentlemen, your attacks are too cruel.

But I like the idea that it’s a time to realize that politics itself.

Any real steps?


Sincerely, Tina P

A joke!

No one is taking you seriously any more.  It's time for TERM LIMITS!  How much more evidence of incompetence do we need???


Shame on you all.  Your jobs have been and now are confirmed to be nothing but political jokes.  At this heightened time of economical scrutiny, we constituents would hope all you representatives would be smart enough to at least make it look like you were really working and making an effort. 


Constitutional Convention, anyone?  Perhaps it’s time to rethink the entire legislative process, including the limits to which we, as citizens, will allow ourselves to be controlled, manipulated and ignored. It’s time to admit that New York State is broken. It’s time admit that the patients have taken over the asylum. It’s time to realize that politics itself…and not just partisan politics is not just part of the problem, but the entire problem. Let’s address reasonable term limits?  In addition, succession must be delineated, especially in a State with so many rotating doors.  The convention should be called, and to ensure a truly non-partisan effort, any public office holder must be excluded from participating in the process.  

I agree wholeheartedly!

Shame on you!

Get down to the people's business!  In these troubled times you are exposing yourselves as people who are only thinking of your perks and perogatives.  I support a Constitutional Convention so that your safe districts will be taken away and the people can actually hold you responsible.  How outrageous that you carry on like this. 

At least the people can finally see how little legislative courage and leadership there is.