Paterson v. Adams, et. al. - Materials [Updated 6.30.09]

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On Friday, June 26, Governor Paterson sued all 62 Senators, asking Justice Joseph Teresi to issue a writ of mandamus ordering the Senate to convene with a quorum for extraordinary session. 

The case is returnable on Monday, June 29 at 4PM. 

A copy of petitioner's papers are available here.

Update 6.29.09

Governor Paterson's lawsuit against all 62 members of the Senate was heard by Justice Joseph Teresi on Monday, June 29, 2009.  The judge issued an order requiring all members of the Senate "to convene into session as one group consistent with the Senate Rules on June 30, 2009 at 10:00 AM. 

A copy of the order is available here.

A copy of papers submitted by respondents from the Senate Democratic Conference are available here.

A copy of papers submitted by respondents from the Senate Republican Conference and Senator Espada will be posted as soon as they are made available. 

A copy of papers submitted by Governor Paterson are available here.

Counsel for respondents from the Senate Republican Conference and Senator Espada have announced their intention to appeal the ruling and invoke an automatic stay of Justice Teresi's order; this site will be updated upon future action in the case.

Update 6.30.09

The appeal filed by the Senate Republican Conference and Senator Espada and the related invocation of an automatic stay will be held by Justice Bernard Malone in the Appellate Division, Third Department on June 30, 2009.

Copies of appellate papers are available here.

Your Comments

Time for lay offs

While you senators are arguing, for a month now, about who gets the bigger office, my firm is planning on layoffs.  Good work distinguished public servants. Glad you didn't raise unemployment benefits, that would have really cost us $.

On another note, I particularly love Dale Volker's attempt to incite mob violence, “I might have to start carrying my sidearm again.”.  Good comment Senator--that one made it into the New York Times.  Taken the wrong way, that is a tacit instruction for someone to tip the scales in the stalemate by taking matters into their own hands?  Taken the "right" way....well....I'm just not sure what you meant, but you publically threatened senators, and I think that's a crime.


Senate Gridlock

Get to work or resign, each and every one of you. The vote was legal or it wasn't. This issue should have been resolved within a day of the coup. There is very little difference between Democrats and Republicans anymore to begin with. Most of you are in the middle of the road now, waiting to see which way the traffic goes. There is no reason why you all can't discuss and vote on topics without one being in control over the other. The Governor can step in to run the show if someone has to act as Mommy. You should all return the pay and perks you received over the last three weeks as well.  You have accomplished nothing besides making New York a laughing stock.

Fiasco in Albany

There's one way to send that message - let your senator know that you will never vote for them for any elective office ever again. Don't do your job, get fired, just like everybody else.

Stand at Ease

Does 'stand at ease' mean turn off the microphone and play really bad music?


Fiasco in Albany

I find this situation totally appalling. It is evident that these people value their party affiliation more than the people the supposedly represent~they all should GROW UP and do the job they were elected to do!

Does anyone else find this both alarming and an unnecessary waste of taxpayers time and resources?

Mike (CMS)