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    Community Resources


    Staten Island organizations:

    Art Lab, Inc.
    A school of fine and applied art also does exhibitions and events.   
    1000 Richmond Terrace Staten Island, NY 10301
    Phone: 718-447-8667 Fax: 718-447-8668

    Bloomfield Conservancy 
    An organization dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitats    
    900 South Ave Staten Island, NY 10314   
    Phone: (718) 477-2100

    Offers a database for artistic outlets for all peoples on Staten Island.       
    Website: www.statenislandarts.org           

    Children’s Issues

    Brooklyn Organizations:                                                                                           

    Agency for Child Development   
    Provides subsidized child care in the form of day care or child care, also for children with disabilities; can also request to be put on a voucher waiting list. For low and middle class income must meet an income level based on number of people in family   
    151 Lawrence Street, 3rd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11201 (differs per borough)

    Brooklyn hours (8am- 3pm)
    To apply dial 311 and ask for subsidized child care; must request an application package and send back to address in package; also offers assistance to elderly for filling out forms

    Coney Island Library After School Program                                                            After school program for elementary, middle and high school students. The program operates on a drop-in basis year-round and offers academics, arts and music. Also available for adults, classes on Chinese and English       
    1901 Mermaid Avenue Brooklyn, NY11224                                                                 Phone: (718) 265-3220                           

    Gravesend Community Center NYCHA After School Program   
    After school program for elementary, middle and high school students. The program operates year-round and offers academics, arts, music and sports. Enrollment is required   
    3146 Bayview Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11224   
    Phone: (718) 266-2441   

    NYC Organizations:

    Catholic Youth Organization   
    Provides spiritual, athletic, cultural and recreational programs to youth and young adults of the Archdiocese of New York.       
    1011 First Avenue New York, NY 10022   
    Phone: (212) 371-1000

    Child Care Inc.   
    Information and consultation to parents about childcare; also available in Spanish
    Professional training and development to the field, advocacy and analysis to influence public policy and practice       
    Child Care, Inc.
    322 Eight Avenue, 4th Floor New York, NY 10001   
    For General Information – 212.929.7604
    For Parents – 212.929.4999   
    To find a provider Health Plus Provider Care Center (all provider inquiries)- (800) 450-8753                

    City Parks Department Playground Program   
    Offers an after-school program for ages 7 to 13 with programs such a homework helper and various sports.
    Registration end Sept/Oct
    Pier 6 and Murray Hulbert Avenue 10301   
    Phone: (718) 816-6172   

    Staten Island Organizations:  

    Seamen's Society   
    Child welfare agency serves Staten Island and Brooklyn. Programs offered include domestic violence intervention, education support, foster care adoption, and HIV/AIDs services.
    25 Hyatt Street 10301-1827   
    Phone: (888) 837-6687
    website: www.roots-wings.com

    Community Development

    Brooklyn Organizations:

    ACORN                                                                                                                       The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, is the nation's largest community organization of low- and moderate-income families, working together for social justice and stronger communities.                                                                        2-4 Nevins Street 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11217                                                   Phone: (718) 246 – 7900  Fax: (718) 246 – 7939

    UPROSE (Sunset Park)
    UPROSE is dedicated to the development of Southwest Brooklyn and the empowerment of its residents primarily through broad and converging environmental, sustainable development, and youth justice campaigns
    166A 22nd Street, Brooklyn, New York 11232
    Phone: (718) 492-9307
    Fax: (718) 492-9030
    Email: Info@UPROSE.org

    Staten Island Organizations:

    Brighton Community Local Development Corporation
    (in conjunction with SBA Women'sCenter)   
    Offers support for small businesses, such as counseling and seminars to open or expand small business. Also support for women and minorities   
    1207 Castleton Avenue
    Phone: (718) 816-4775

    Community Centers

    Brooklyn Organizations:
                                                                                                                                           American Italian Coalition of Organizations (AMICO)                                                  Offers assistance with applications for food, medical and entitlements                             138 Bay 20th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11214                                                                 Phone: 718-256-3445

    Bensonhurst COJO
    Provides services for the community primarily the elderly includes employment services, scholarships, citizenship and ESL classes, crisis intervention and community events
    8635 21st Avenue Suite 1b, Brooklyn, NY 11214
    Phone: 718 333 1834
    F: 718 333 1837

    Boro Park YM-YWHA   
     Children's Services (pool, day care center), Senior Center, Specialized programs for holocaust survivors, Social Services, Youth Services       
    4912 14th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219
    Phone: 718-438-5921

    Brighton Neighborhood Association   
    Social work, translations, Benefits Counseling, Children's Services, Community Relations Services, Cultural Programs, Housing Services, Immigration Legal Services, Immigration Legal Services, Senior Citizen Services, Youth Services, Art Gallery       
    1121 Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235
    Phone: 718-891-0800    

    Brooklyn Chinese-American Association
    Benefits Counseling, Children's Services, Citizenship Services, Cultural programs, Day Care Services, Education Services, Health Services, Interpretation and Translation Services, Crime and Victims Services, Senior Citizen Services ,Social Services, Youth Services   
    5002 8th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11220
    Phone: 718-438-9312    

    Edith and Carl Marks Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst
    Senior Center Adult/Literacy, Benefits Counseling, Business Counseling, Citizenship Services, Cultural Programs, Day Care Services, Domestic Violence Services, Education Services,  Employment and Training Services, Health Services, Immigration and Resettlement Assistance, Interpretation and Translation Services, Mental Health Services, Senior Citizen Services, Social Services, Youth Services (Pool)   
    7802 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11214   
    Phone: 718-331-6800 ext. 110
    On line: www.jchb.org (also Available in Russian)

    Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst
    Includes programs for children and teens, a summer camp, immigrant services and social services
    7802 Bay Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11214
    Phone: (718) 331-6800

    The Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island    
    services of all segments of the population including the aged, the vocationally disadvantaged poor, refugees, and educationally at-risk . In addition, the council provides non-profit community based organizations with technical assistance in upgrading their management capacity.
     3001 West 37th Street Brooklyn, New York 11224   
    Phone: 718-449-5000

    NYC Organizations:

    Catholic Charities Community Services, Archdiocese of New York
    Case management, information and referral, emergency food services, employment training and placement, homelessness prevention, immigration and refugee services, parish support, thrift store, blind services, deaf apostolate, residential services for the mentally challenged, youth recreational and spiritual services.   
    1011 First Avenue New York, NY 10022   
    Phone: (212) 371-1000    

    Volunteers of America   
    Children, Youth & Families Corrections, Developmental Disability Elderly Employment and Training Health Care Homeless Housing Mental Health Substance Abuse Veterans Understanding Homelessness Correctional Services At-Risk Youth Mental Health Services
    Volunteers of America-Greater New York
    340 West 85th Street New York, NY 10024-3800
    Phone: 212-873-2600   

    Staten Island Organizations:                                                                                        
    Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island, Inc   
    Adult and Youth, Benefits Counseling, Food/Nutrition Services, Health Services, Social Services 984 Post Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10302   
    Phone: 718-720-4047       

    Jewish Community Center of Staten Island   
    Adult and Youth, Adult/ Youth Literacy (ESL and GED), Benefits Counseling, Communication Therapy, Education Services, Health Services, HIV/AIDS Services, Legal Services, Social Services, Substance Abuse Services   
    475 Victory Blvd. and 1297 Arthur Kill Road, Staten Island, NY 10301   
    Phone: 718-356-8113   
    Fax: 718-946-8240

    New York Urban League   
    Adult and Youth, Adult/ Youth Literacy (ESL and GED), Benefits Counseling, Communication Therapy, Education Services, Health Services, Housing Services       
    6 Van Duzer Street, Staten Island, NY 10301   
    Phone: 718-442-5579

    Sky Light Center   
    Adult and Youth counseling and Rehabilitation, Adult/Youth Literacy (ESL and GED), Benefits Counseling, Education Services, GED, ESL, Computer, Health Services, Housing Services, Mental Health Services, Social Services   
    307 St. Marks Place, Staten Island, NY 10301    
    Phone: (718) 720-2585

    Counseling and Rehabilitation 

     Brooklyn Organizations:

    Bensonhurst Guidance Center
    Children's Services, Family Counseling Services (therapists), Health Services, Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse   
    6201 16th Brooklyn, NY 11204   
    Phone: 718-256-8600

    South Brooklyn Youth Consortium
    Treatment for overcoming addiction to alcohol and drugs
    2828 Neptune Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11224
    Phone: 718-265-3225

    Staten Island Organizations:

    Camelot Counseling Center   
    Counseling, day service for adolescents (14 -18) , Outpatient program, Provides Services for battered men and women       
    263 Port Richmond Avenue 10302   
    Phone: (718) 981 - 8117 Fax: (718) 981 – 9344

    Covenant House New York
    Staten Island Center Providing non-residential support services to youths under 21. Counseling, referrals, educational and vocational services, Food services ect. Schedule an appt for further information       
    70 Bay Street 10301   
    Phone: (718) 876-9810
    Fax: (718) 876 - 5338   


    NYC Organizations:

    Coalition of Institutionalized Aged & Disabled    
    A non-profit, consumer-led advocacy organization to provide residents with the information and skills to advocate for themselves, to promote the rights off residents and to improve quality of life and care mostly adult care facilities   
    425 East 25th Street   
    Phone: (212) 481- 7572
    Fax: (212) 481 – 5149

    Staten Island Organizations:

    A Very Special Place   
    Services for the developmentally and mentally disabled in order for them to achieve independence   
    1429 Hylan Blvd Staten Island, NY 10305   
    Phone: (718) 987-1234 fax: 718 987 - 6065
    email: info@veryspecialplace.org

    Staten Island Mental Health Society, Inc.   
    Adult/Literacy, Children and Youth, Cultural Services, Education Services, Health Services, Mental Health Services, Social Services, Substance Abuse Services       
    669 Castleton Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10301   
    Phone: 718 442-2225               

    Emergency Services

    NYC Organizations:

    Child Protective Services
    To report an incident of child abuse and maltreatment   
    52 Washington Street • Rensselaer, New York 12144-2796
    Phone: 1-800-342-3720

    Safe Horizon   
    Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800.621.HOPE (4673)
    Crime Victims Hotline: 866.689.HELP Rape, Sexual Assault & Incest Hotline: 212.227.3000 TDD phone number for all hotlines: 866.604.5350 Also offers legal services for Domestic Violence, Violence and Immigration Also caseworkers will help with claims such as food stamps, vouchers and Medicaid       
    2 Lafayette Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10007                                                                 Phone: 212.577.7700
    Fax: 212-577-3897 Email: help@safehorizon.org  

    Staten Island Organizations:

    Domestic Violence Intervention Program   
    Provides outreach, crisis assistance and referrals to victims of family violence.                 154 Lamport Boulevard 10305   
    Phone: (718) 390-0251
    Fax: (718) 815 - 8310       

    Health Care

    NYC Organizations:

    AIDS Health Insurance Program (AHIP)   
    people with AIDS or HIV-related disease who are not Medicaid eligible, but cannot afford their own insurance    New York City   
    330 West 34th Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10001   
    information & application (212) 367 - 1125 (only on Wednesday’s)       

    AIDS Hotline NYS   
    HIV Referrals & Support for both residents and non residents; provides information   
    455 1st Ave, New York NY 10016
    hotline number: 800-541-2437; also available through 311

    American Cancer Society   
    community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives and diminishing suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy and service   
    173 Old Town Road, Staten Island, NY 10305
    Phone: (718) 987-8872 Fax: (718) 351-0361       

    American Red Cross in Greater New York   
    Emergency response, Local disaster response, Fire relief as well as financial assistance to victims    
    Phone: 1-877-REDCROSS 

    Health Care Immunization Hotline   
    Offers free information on free immunizations in the community           
    Phone: (212) 349-2664           


    NYC Organizations:

    Coalition for the Homeless   
    Shelter, housing, job training, emergency food, crisis intervention, and youth programs    
    129 Fulton Street New York, NY 10038   
    Phone: 212-776-2000
    email: info@cfthomeless.org   

    The Partnership for the Homeless   
    Access to employment, job training, and educational opportunities; links to quality healthcare in their new community, ongoing support and making community connections in order to build social capital   
    305 Seventh Avenue, 13th Floor New York, NY 10001                                      Family Resource Center: 100 Pennsylvania Avenue, Floor 2 Brooklyn, NY 11207
    Furnish a Future 476 Jefferson Street Brooklyn, NY 11237                                        Phone: (212) 645-3444; (718) 875-0027, ext. 201; (718) 875 - 5353, ext. 21    


    Brooklyn Organizations:

    CAMBA Inc.   
    Property value decline/ can't refinance , situations beyond your control, increased mortgage payment, adjustable rate mortgage, loss of income/job, bankruptcy, foreclosure prevention workshop       
    884 Flatbush Ave. bk NY 11226
    (718) 282 2500 fax (718) 282 8329
    Main Office: 1720 Church Ave. Bk NY 11226
    Phone: (718) 287 2600 fax: (718) 287 0857

    Staten Island Organizations:

    Centro de la Hospitalidad   
    Referral program for housing, employment, and health services, including tuberculosis and asthma screenings for recently arrived Mexicans   
    100 Park Avenue Staten Island, 10302
    phone: 718-448-1544; 718-273-6737
    fax: 718 - 720 - 5476

    All of NYC:

    Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)   
    For low income New Yorkers a plan for home energy assistance also available for food stamps, child support   
    180 Water Street New York, NY 10038   
    Phone: (800) 692-0557 or HRA Info (877) 472 – 8411

    Neighborhood Housing Services Of New York City
    creating and preserving affordable housing and providing opportunities for homeownership education, financial assistance and community leadership.
    Staten Island: 770 Castleton Avenue Staten Island, NY 10310
    Phone: (718) 442 – 8080 Fax: (718) 442 – 8245
    1012 Gates Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11221
    Phone: 718 – 919 - 2100  Fax: 718 – 919 - 2725   

    NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority)   
    Section 8 housing       
    250 Broadway New York, NY 10007 212-306-3000   
    Section 8 Offices: Brooklyn 718-250-9777,9700, 5977   

    Job Centers

    Brooklyn Organizations:

    Astella Development Corporation   
    1618 Mermaid Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11224   
    Phone: (718) 266 - 4653    
    must bring resume, job referrals, job banks   

    Coney Island Job Center   
    3050 West 21st Street    Brooklyn, NY 11224   
    Phone: (718) 333 - 3100                                  
    Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island   
    3001 West 37th St Brooklyn, NY 11224   
    Phone: 718-449-5000 ext 2273 fax: (718) 946 - 8240       
    offers job counseling, resume creating, vocational training, employment workshops, referrals to other resources and job placement assistance   

    Urban Neighborhood Services, Inc.   
    1718 Mermaid Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11224
    Office: 347-374-2455 fax: (347) 374 – 2456
     email: admin@uns-inc.org   
    provides a job listing of available positions & referrals   

    Staten Island Organizations:

    Richmond Job Center   
    201 Bay Street S. I., N.Y. 10301   
    Phone: (718) 556-7334, (718) 390 - 5103    
    also works in Medicare, bring appropriate documents                                                       
    Work Force One   
    multiple locations:
    60 Bay Street Staten Island, NY 10301
    9 Bond Street, 5 th Floor Brooklyn, NY 11201   
    Staten Island: (718) 285 - 8388 fax: (718) 981 - 8749
    Brooklyn: (718) 246 - 5219 Fax: (718) 246 - 3975       
    depends on location    Must first attend workshops, offers job placement, career advisement, job search counseling and skills training

    Legal Services

    All of NYC:

    Legal Service of New York
    Free legal advice and representation to eligible individuals and groups in the following areas: Family Law , Domestic Violence , Government Benefits , Foreclosure Prevention, Immigration 36 Richmond Terrace, Ste. 205 (across the street from Staten Island ferry)
    Staten Island, New York 10301
    Tel: (718) 233-6480
    Fax: (718) 448-2264
    In Brooklyn Office areas of free legal advice include: Housing ,Family , Government Benefits, HIV/AIDS, Consumer, Employment ,Health , Education , Rights of People with Disabilities , Community Education & Empowerment, Foreclosure Prevention ,Child Care
    South Brooklyn Legal Services
    105 Court Street, 3rd Floor
    Brooklyn, New York 11201
    Tel: (718) 237-5500
    Fax: (718) 855-0733

    Legal Aid
    Provides free legal services for clients who cannot afford to pay for counsel, the three major practices are Civil, Criminal and Juvenile Rights
    For Brooklyn locations and contact information by practice: http://www.legal-aid.org/en/las/findus/locations/brooklyn.aspx
    For Staten Island locations and contact information by practice: http://www.legal-aid.org/en/las/findus/locations/statenisland.aspx


    NYC Organizations:

    Archdiocese of New York
    Department of Parish and Community Outreach   
    Senior Center offers free and reduce cost meals, education, recreation and transportation (over 60). Also offers Case Management for anyone involved with eviction prevention, food pantry, immigration and referrals, also provides free help with forms and applications   
    120 Anderson Avenue 10302
    Phone #1: (718) 447-6330 Phone # 2: (718) 447 - 5757 Fax: (718) 447-6060

    Community Food Resource Center   
    Tax Assistance, Food Stamp Prescreening & Outreach,    
    39 Broadway, New York, NY 10006    

    Free Tax Counseling   
    Free tax return preparation assistance, most sites also offer free electronic filing (e-filing) must make less than $42,000       
    For locations use: https://locator.aarp.org/vmis/sites/taxaide_locator.jsp Reading Out
    7788 New Utrich 11214 (718) 373 - 4565
    Partnership Homless Bldg 11207 (646) 552 - 0584
    AARP Public Library 10304 888-227-7669   
    (VITA) 1-800-829-1040
    (TCE) 1-800-829 - 1040

    Project Hospitality   
    HIV/AIDS Services Housing and Shelter Services Mental Health Chemical Dependency Vocational Services Family Services Food and Nutrition Services Community Outreach   
    100 Park Avenue
    T-(718) 448-1544

    Staten Island Organizations:

    Amazing Grace Interfaith Ministry   
    Performs religious ceremonies between peoples of mixed religions as well as bible Schools
    1055 Richmond Road SI NY 10304
    (718) 356 - 6441       


    All Of NYC:

    CASA (HRA)   
    Provides home attendant and/or housekeeping services to Medicaid-eligible clients who are having difficulty with at least one or more activities of daily life such as walking, cooking, cleaning ect.   
    main line: 877-472-8411

    Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) Program   
    Helps seniors pay for their prescription drugs   
    NYS    P.O. Box 15018 Albany, NY 12212-5018   
    Phone: 1-800-332-3742 EPIC@health.state.ny.us                

    Staten Island Organizations:

    Meals on Wheels of Staten Island   
    Soup kitchen   
    304 Port Richmond Avenue Staten Island, NY 10302


    All of NYC:

    Provides transportation for people with disabilities both mental and physical in New York City   
    130 Livingston Street Brooklyn, NY 11201   
    to apply: www.mta.nyc.ny.us/nyct/paratran/guide.htm
    to arrange a trip: call toll free 877- 337-2017 gen for applications
     to log a complaint call 718 - 330 - 3322
    or send to MTA New York City Transit Para transit Division Customer Relations
     130 Livingston Street Brooklyn, NY 11201   

    A free consumer dispute resolution service, resolve problems between NY motorists & franchised new car; includes: sales/leasing, Warranties, Lemon Law Information, Brochure Requests, Repairs, New or Used cars, Consumer Education & Outreach English & Spanish spoken    NYS   
    Automotive Consumer Action Program
    18-10 Whitestone Expressway Whitestone, NY 11357   
    Phone: 1-800-522-3881   

    Unemployment Assistance

    NYC Organizations:

    Unemployment Insurance Division                                                                                                 To Collect Unemployment Benefits    NYS   
    NYS Department of Labor W. Avetelll Harriman State Office Campus Building 12 Albany, NY 12240 http://www.labor.state.ny.us/ui/disclosure.shtm

    Staten Island Organizations:

    Unemployment Action Center   
    provides free legal assistance to individuals who wish to challenge their unemployment benefits determination issued by the New York Department of Labor   
    NYC    9 Von Street, Staten Island