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Notice of Availability of State and Federal Funds: Municipalities

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    I am pleased to offer the following information on the availability of State and Federal Funds to municipalities within New York State. Click on the Grant Program that you would like more information on from the list below.  As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact my district office at (516) 766-8383. 









    Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5310 Grant Program application

    The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) has released the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5310 Grant Program application and workshop schedule for Fiscal Year 2010.  This program provides assistance with the purchase of vehicles to meet the transportation needs of elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities.                       

    Through the NYSDOT, funds will be used to cover 80% of the cost of vehicle, with the remaining 20% coming from the applying entity. The following are eligible to apply for the purchase of vehicles under this grant program:

    • Not-for-profit organizations which serve elderly individuals or individuals with disabilities


    • Public bodies (i.e. municipalities, County level governments) in counties that are approved by the State to coordinate services for elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities.

    Applications can be downloaded from the NYSDOT website at, and follow the link “Federal Transit Funding Programs”. NYSDOT will be offering a workshop on March 24, 2010 from 10am-12pm at the Dennison Bldg- located at 100 Veterans Memorial Highway in Hauppauge to discuss this program in more detail and assist in any questions that may arise throughout the application process.

     Please note that applications are due by May 4, 2010 and must demonstrate proof of eligibility and management capability to operate a transportation service.  If you have any questions about this program, please call Tom Locascio in my district office at (516) 766-8383.







    2010 NYS Community Development Block Grant, Annual Competitive Round Program, Open Round Economic Development Program and New York Main Street Program

    The New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation’s Office of

    Community Renewal announces the availability of approximately $40

    million in NYS Community Development Block Grant funding for

    the 2010 Annual Competitive Round, the Open Round Economic

    Development Programs and approximately $5 million in New York

    Main Street funding for the 2010 Round.



    The New York State Community Development Block Grant

    Program (NYS CDBG) is a federally funded program authorized by

    Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974

    administered by the New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation’s

    Office of Community Renewal (OCR). The NYS CDBG

    Program provides funding to eligible communities for the development

    of projects providing decent and hazard-free affordable housing,

    access to safe drinking water, proper disposal of household wastewater,

    access to community-needed services in local facilities, foster

    economic opportunities through the support of projects that create

    and/or retain permanent employment opportunities principally benefiting

    low- and moderate-income persons. Activities funded under the

    NYS CDBG Program must benefit low- and moderate-income

    persons, aid in the prevention or elimination of slums or blight or meet

    community development needs having a particular urgency; 70% of

    NYS CDBG funds must benefit low- and moderate-income persons.


    Eligible applicants are non-entitlement units of general local

    government (villages, towns, cities or counties), excluding metropolitan

    cities, urban counties and Indian Tribes that are designated Entitlement

    communities. Non-entitlement areas are defined as cities, towns

    and villages with populations of less than 50,000, except those

    designated principal cities of Metropolitan Statistical Areas, and counties

    with populations of less than 200,000.


    Annual Competitive Round Program

    2010 Annual Competitive Round funds are available for the funding

    of community development projects in the categories of: Housing

    (rehabilitation including mobile and manufactured home replacement*;

    home ownership; residential water and wastewater systems);

    Public Facilities and Public Infrastructure. A community may propose

    a project that addresses a particular area of need or may propose a

    project that undertakes a strategy that addresses community development

    needs within a particular area.

    *The NYS Housing Trust Fund Corporation’s Manufactured Home

    Replacement Initiative targets $5 million in HOME funds and HOME

    and CDBG projects will give preference to projects that replace mobile

    homes (pre-June 1976) and manufactured homes (post-June 1976) in

    dilapidated condition with new HUD certified, ENERGY STAR

    Qualified manufactured homes. Applicants seeking funding for projects

    that meet the requirements of the Manufactured Home Replacement

    Initiative will be given preference, which will be based upon the

    proportion of the award that is allocated to the replacement of dilapidated

    mobile and manufacture homes with new manufactured homes.

    The 2010 NYS HOME Program Request for Proposals and the 2010

    NYS CDBG Annual Competitive Round Application provides the

    preference criteria for replacement of mobile and manufactured home


    Open Round Economic Development Program

    2010 Open Round Economic Development funds are available for

    economic development, microenterprise and small business activities.

    Each activity must involve the creation or retention of permanent, job

    opportunities that principally benefit low- and moderate-income

    persons, through the expansion and retention of business and industry

    in New York State. Funds provided to a microenterprise where the

    owner(s) qualifies as a low- and moderate-income person meets this


    OCR provides funding for economic development activities for the

    following purposes:

    1. To provide financial assistance to businesses for an identified

    CDBG eligible activity which will result in the creation or retention of

    permanent job opportunities principally benefitting low- and

    moderate-income persons; or

    2. To construct publicly owned infrastructure improvements, which

    are necessary to accommodate the creation, expansion or retention of

    a business which will result in the creation or retention of permanent

    job opportunities principally for low- and moderate-income persons.

    Eligible uses of NYS CDBG Economic Development funds include,

    but not limited to: acquisition of real property; financing of machinery,

    furniture, fixtures and equipment; building construction and renovation;

    working capital; inventory; and employee training expenses. Use

    of CDBG funds toward construction and renovation costs are subject

    to Davis Bacon Wage Rate requirements.

    Eligible applicants must apply to the OCR on behalf of the business

    seeking NYS CDBG funds. The OCR makes awards directly to the

    applicant community and does not make direct loans or grants to



    Annual Competitive Round Awards

    Towns, Cities and Villages:

    Housing/Public Facilities $400,000

    Public Infrastructure (water/sewer only) $600,000


    Housing/Public Facilities/Public Infrastructure $750,000

    Joint Applicants:

    Public Infrastructure (water/sewer only) $900,000

    Open Round Economic Development Awards

    Economic Development program

    a. Maximum award amount of $750,000 (minimum $100,000).

    b. NYS CDBG can fund up to 40% of a total project cost, not to

    exceed maximum award amount.

    c. Projects must result in the creation or retention of at least one

    permanent, full-time equivalent (FTE) job for every $15,000 of NYS

    CDBG funds awarded.

    d. NYS CDBG funds should be used as gap funding to induce project


    Small Business Assistance program

    a. Award amounts of $25,000 to $100,000 for assistance to individual


    b. Projects must result in the creation or retention of at least one

    FTE job per $25,000 of CDBG funds provided.

    c. NYS CDBG can fund up to 40% of a total project cost.

    d. Minimum of 20% owner equity contribution to the project is

    required. To induce sustainable green projects the equity contribution

    may be lowered to a minimum of 10% if the activity is certified by the

    community and OCR as a NYS CDBG Green project.

    Microenterprise program

    a. Maximum total allocation amount to applicant community:


    b. Individual grant amount to business: $5,000 to $35,000.

    c. NYS CDBG can fund up to 90% of a total project cost.

    d. Minimum of 10% owner equity contribution to the project is


    e. Certified completion of an approved entrepreneurial assistance or

    small business training program is required. Cost of training for LMI

    entrepreneurs is an eligible CDBG expense.

    The OCR may consider applications for projects exceeding the

    maximum FTE job created/retained or the funding limit where it is

    found that a project or projects may have a significant and transformational

    impact beyond the immediate public benefit or for projects with

    the potential for a regional or statewide economic impact.


    Annual Competitive Round Program

    The 2010 Annual Competitive Round Application will be available

    on the Office of Community Renewal’s web site,

    AboutUs/Offices/CommunityRenewal on January 27, 2010. Applications

    are due no later than April 23, 2010. Applications are to be

    mailed or hand-delivered to: Office of Community Renewal, Hampton

    Plaza, 38-40 State Street, Albany, NY 12207. If mailed, applications

    must be postmarked no later than April 23, 2010. If hand-delivered,

    applications must be delivered by April 23, 2010 no later than 4:00


    The above-stated application deadline is firm as to date and hour. In

    the interest of fairness to all competing applicants, OCR will consider

    applications not received by 4:00 p.m. on, or postmarked by April 23,

    2010 ineligible. Applicants should make early submission of their

    materials to avoid any risk of loss of eligibility brought about by

    unanticipated delays or other delivery-related problems.

    Open Round Economic Development Program

    Interested applicants must consult the OCR and complete a presubmission

    form to determine if an economic development project,

    meets CDBG and OCR program requirements. Based upon the results

    of the initial inquiry, the applicant may be invited to submit an application

    for funding for the 2010 Program Year. Applicants may

    submit initial inquiries any time after January 27, 2010, when the

    initial inquiry form will be posted to the NYS OCR website,



    The New York Main Street Program (NYMS) provides funding to

    assist New York State communities with their main street/downtown

    revitalization efforts. NYMS will provide grants to stimulate reinvestment

    in mixed-use (commercial/civic and residential) “main street”

    buildings or districts in order to address issues of code compliance,

    energy conservation, accessibility, and to provide affordable housing

    and job opportunities.


    Eligible applicants include cities, towns, villages, and counties

    throughout New York State and non-profit organizations that are

    incorporated under the NYS Not-for-Profit Corporation Law. To be

    eligible for award, non-profit organizations must have been in existence

    for at least one year prior to contract execution.


    Applications will be accepted for programs that propose funding

    for one or more of the following activities:

    Building Renovation

    Applicants may provide participating owners with matching renovation

    grants of up to $50,000 per building for first and/or second

    floor civic/commercial use, plus an additional $25,000 for each residential

    unit, not to exceed 75% of total project cost or $150,000 per

    building, whichever is less. Building renovation projects include

    facade renovations and interior work.

    Downtown Anchors

    Applicants may provide grants of up to $250,000 per building, but

    not exceeding 40% of total project cost, to building owners to help establish

    or expand cultural or business anchors that are key to local

    revitalization efforts. Anchor grant projects may include residential

    units on the upper floors.

    Streetscape Enhancement

    As an ancillary activity, Applicants may provide grants of up to

    $60,000 for programs to plant trees and other landscaping, install street

    furniture and trash cans, provide appropriate signs in accordance with

    a local signage plan, and to perform other appurtenant activities, that

    are to be provided to communities to enhance the NYMS target area.

    Streetscape Enhancement only applications are not eligible and will

    not be accepted.


    The maximum award amount is $500,000 and the minimum award

    amount is $50,000.


    Applications will be available electronically on the New York State

    Division of Housing and Community Renewal’s (DHCR) website, on January 27, 2010. Applications should be

    submitted over the internet using the Community Development Online

    Application System, (CDOL). Applications are due no later than 4:00

    PM on April 23, 2010. Applications received after the stated deadline

    will be considered late submissions and will be returned to the


    Additional information and questions regarding the 2010 Annual

    Competitive Round, the Open Round Economic Development, or the

    New York Main Street program should be directed to OCR program

    staff at the earliest opportunity at 518-474-2057.









    NYSDOH Refugee Health Program

    The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) Refugee

    Health Program announces the opportunity for qualified licensed

    health care providers/agencies located throughout New York State

    (exclusive of New York City) to provide refugee health assessments

    and initial adult vaccinations to new refugee arrivals to the State. The

    refugee health assessment is designed to promptly identify refugees

    with health conditions of personal and public health concern; to

    introduce refugees into the US health care system; to ensure refugees

    receive ongoing care and appropriate follow up for identified problems

    by referrals to primary and specialty care providers; and to initiate

    vaccines required for refugees to adjust their status for permanent

    residency. The refugee health assessment consists of a set of basic

    screening components designed to identify health issues typically

    found in refugee populations. Assessments, completed according to

    the required protocol, will be reimbursed at an all-inclusive per capita

    rate of $338.50 (upstate) or $346.39 (downstate, which includes Nassau,

    Suffolk and Westchester counties). Initial vaccines for adults will

    be reimbursed at a maximum of $208.00 per person, where those vaccines

    were administered during a reimbursable health assessment and

    actual cost of the vaccines is documented. The program is supported

    by an annual allocation of Refugee Medical Assistance funds awarded

    by the Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement through the New York

    State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. The total allocation

    for budget year March 31, 2010 to March 30, 2011 is expected to

    be $1,860,170. In the event funds for the budget year are exhausted, a

    limit may be placed on the number of health assessments to be



    Health care providers/agencies interested in participating in the

    Program must complete and submit the NYSDOH Refugee Medical

    Assistance Program application, meet the requirements described

    therein, and be approved for enrollment. An applicant must be a

    licensed health care provider (i.e., physician, nurse practitioner, community

    health center, county health department or clinic); must demonstrate

    clinical experience and staffing capacity necessary to provide

    health screenings in accordance with established protocols; must

    employ bilingual staff or provide interpreter services to overcome

    language barriers to care; and must demonstrate established linkages

    to services, whether on site or by referral, to primary care, specialty

    care, and mental health services. Experience with the health and

    mental health needs of refugees, asylees, and victims of trafficking,

    and in conjunction with office/clinic location accessible to refugees

    and refugee service agencies is desirable.


    Applications are accepted on a continuous basis. The Program operates

    on a five-year contract cycle from March 31, 2010 to March 30,

    2015 with annual renewals. Contracts can be awarded to approved applicants

    at any time during this period, and will be in effect for the

    remainder of the five-year contract cycle, contingent on provider performance

    and availability of federal RMA funding.


    For an application, contact: Department of Health, Refugee Health

    Program, Bureau of Tuberculosis Control, at the above address, or call

    (518) 474-4845, e-mail:




    Evaluation of On-Time Quality Improvement for Long Term Care


    Applications will be accepted through March 26, 2010. The purpose

    of this grant procurement is the selection of 12-15 nursing homes in

    New York State to participate as control nursing homes in an evaluation

    of On-Time Quality Improvement for Long Term Care, a pressure

    ulcer prevention intervention. Eligible applicants must be Article

    28 residential health care facilities. $250,000 is available for this

    procurement. Nursing homes will be reimbursed for the costs they

    incur to participate in the evaluation on the basis of their number of

    participating units.


    For an application, please go to the Department of Health's public

    website. Applications may be downloaded from http://