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Statement from NYS Senator Eric Adams regarding NYPD Oversight of Stop and Frisk Policies

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Statement from NYS Senator Eric Adams regarding the New York City’s Council’s vote to create an Inspector General to oversee the New York City Police Department and their “Stop and Frisk” Policies

Senator Adams’ statement:

“Today’s most recent article in the New York Times sums up well what I have stated repeatedly.  The power of law enforcement to stop, question, frisk, and even detain citizens deserves the most careful scrutiny and the most rigorous oversight.  A society whose judicial system is based upon the presumption of innocence must not permit its police department to infringe upon the civil and legal rights of the law-abiding public.  With an increase in power there must be an increase in oversight to create a balance.  To date that need has never been addressed.  I commend the New York City Council for taking this much needed stance.”