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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

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Dear Constituents:

April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month. It is a sober reminder, even as the springtime weather brings optimism and good cheer, that there are those helpless souls who are trapped in situations beyond comprehension: under the boot of physical, mental, verbal, or psychological abuse. While it is easy to turn away and say, “Well, it’s not my kid,” we must be our neighbors’ keepers and be aware of possible abuses to minors and those who cannot defend themselves. Whether by loved ones, trusted authority figures, or strangers, child abuse cannot be tolerated.

Children in every community - yes, yours too – can be victims of petty or traumatic abuse. We need not seek it out, but we must act if we find it. Since the first piece of child protection legislation in 1974, we have learned a great deal about both the effects and prevention of this scourge. Prevention of child abuse must be our goal.

For more information and resources, please familiarize yourself with

There are warning signs and places you can reach out to for help.

For other organizations, please visit

To all the children in need of help, protection, and justice, let us remember to act heroically and with compassion if we see signs of child abuse, this and every month.

Very truly yours,

Senator Eric Adams
District #20