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Statement from State Senator Eric Adams regarding the recent passage of gun control legislation

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Statement from State Senator Eric Adams regarding the recent passage of gun control legislation

Yesterday Governor Cuomo signed into law a package of gun control measures designed to protect New Yorkers against preventable violence.  A number of these measures were encouraged by and drafted from legislation proposed by Senator Eric Adams, including efforts to close loopholes in the state’s assault weapons ban and to prevent the use of high-capacity ammunition clips.

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Senator Adams’ statement: 

“This long-overdue vote adds important new safeguards to prevent the purchase of the most dangerous firearms, and increases penalties for those individuals who would use them to harm others, or facilitate the acquisition of a weapon used in the commission of a crime.  I am proud to have personally introduced much of the legislation that led to this agreement, and to have worked alongside my fellow Brooklynites to push Albany for a stricter assault weapons ban, restrictions on high-capacity magazines and for other common sense gun laws."

“This past summer, I went undercover and purchased – just blocks outside our city –high-capacity clips for the same assault rifle used in the Newtown massacre.  That inspired me to push harder for common sense gun control.”

“In New York City last year there were about 1,300 shootings and 237 homicides by gun, many of them in Brooklyn.  This vote is a victory for the families of those victims and the Brooklynites brave enough to stand up against gun violence.  Make no mistake, these new laws will lead to a safer Brooklyn for all.”