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Early detection of breast cancer can save lives!







Look for the Mobile Mammography Van at:
Community Board 6 Office
73-05 Yellowstone Blvd., Forest Hills
Wednesday, September 23, 2009



Call 1-800-453-8378 EXT.1

Coordinated by:
Medical services provided by: Multi-Diagnostic Services, Inc.

Eligibility Criteria:
Women 40 and older.
No mammogram in the past year.

Sponsored by
State Senator
Joseph Addabbo, Jr. and
The American-Italian Cancer Foundation

Mobile Mammography Program:
• Modern mobile mammography equipment.
• Professional medical services from Multi-Diagnostic Services, Inc. (MD):
• Clinical breast exam by trained professionals.
• Mammogram performed by a certified x-ray technologist.
• Radiological evaluations performed by Board Certified Radiologists.
• For more information about MD, please call 800-453-TEST (8378).
• Your results will be sent to you and/or your doctor within 10 business
days. If you would like the results sent to your doctor, please provide
MD with the full name and address of your doctor.
• Comparison radiological studies are important. If you provide MD with
previous films, this comparison will be performed.
• If women do not have health insurance, services will be paid for by the
New York State Cancer Services Program Partnerships. For more
information about this program, please call 866-442-CANCER (2262).
• If women do have health insurance, the insurance will be billed for
services. However, women will not be charged a co-pay and will not
receive a bill.

On the day of your visit:
• We recommend that you wear a two-piece outfit.
• Please do not use any oil, powder, deodorant, or perfume.
• If you have Medicare, Medicaid or other health insurance, you must
bring your card with you.

Call 1-800-453-8378 EXT.1

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