Committed to identifying the causes and solutions of insurance fraud, Senator Neil D. Breslin, Chair of Senate Standing Committee on Insurance, will be holding a hearing on Thursday, February 4th in Albany to explore the cost of fraud to the state’s no-fault system.
New York’s auto insurers have seen their typical no-fault payment for the medical care of accident victims rise from $5,500 in 2004 to $9,000 per claim in 2009.  Experts estimate that each individual’s automobile insurance premium contributes to this insurance fraud.
Testimonies will be heard to explore why these claims are increasing and how no-fault fraud is perpetrated.
·         Senator Neil D. Breslin, Chair of the Committee on Insurance
·         Steve Nachman, ESQ, Deputy Superintendent for Frauds and Consumer Services, New York State Insurance Department
·         Howard Goldblatt, Director of Government Affairs, Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
·         Robert C. Passmore, CPCU, Senior Director - Personal Lines, Property Casualty Insurance Association of America
·         Robert Hartwig, President and Economist, Insurance Information Institute
·         Thomas Lehmann, Area Director of Operations, National Insurance Crime Bureau
·         Judith Fitzgerald, Vice President for Government Affairs, National Insurance Crime Bureau
·         Ellen Melchionni, President, New York Insurance Association
·         Gary Henning, Assistant Vice President, American Insurance Association
·         Paul C. Blume, Jr. Senior Vice President for State Government Affairs, Property Casualty Insurance Association of America
·         Edmond Valente, Attorney, State Farm, Dewey & Leboeuf
·         Frank Carrigan, Plan Manager, New York Automobile Insurance Plan
·         Jack Houston, Special Investigations Unit Manager, New York Automobile Insurance Plan
·         Patrick O’Malley, New York Product Manager, Progressive Insurance
·         James Potts, Vice President for Special Investigations, New York Central Mutual Insurance Company
·         Joe Persaud, Director – No Fault Department, American Transit Insurance Company
·         Pat Shea, Director SIU, American Transit Insurance Company
·         Richard Binko,ESQ, President, New York State Trial Lawyers Association
·         Skip Short, Attorney, Short and Billy, P.C.
·         Kevin Ryan, President, Professional Insurance Agents of NY
·         Peter Resnick, Director, Professional Insurance Agents of NY

Hearing Room A
Legislative Office Building
 Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 10:00 A.M.