This event has finished and a recording will be posted on this page once it is available.


Upcoming Meeting scheduled for Feb 9, 2010. 

**Please note time/location change to 9:30AM, 124 CAP**


Nominations: Charles Diamond to the NYS Racing and Wagering Board

No Speakers


S.766        C. Johnson
Creates a local advisory board for the Belmont racetrack facility; such
local advisory board shall be composed of fifteen members.

S.1892        Klein
Requires lottery sales agents to return previously purchased lottery
tickets to the persons submitting them to such agents for verification of
prizes won or lost; requires lottery ticket dispensing machines used for
verifying if a ticket is a winner or not to return the ticket submitted for

S.5671        Adams
Requires a New York state legend to be located on all bell jar tickets sold
in this state; excludes bell jar tickets that are banded single-sided
single-tabbed, double-sided single-tabbed or folded bell jar tickets from
the approved legend requirement.

S.6039        Bonacic
Relates to capital awards to vendor tracks.