Senate Standing Committee on Finance 
Senator John A. DeFrancisco, Chair 
Wednesday, June 18, 2014 
Room 332 CAP

*This meeting will be called off the floor and held in Room 332 CAP

Member of the Adirondack Park Agency

Reappointment                        Richard Booth, of Ithaca


Members of the Advisory Council on Agriculture

New Appointment                  Frank Beyrodt, Jr., of Baiting Hollow

New Appointment                  Jim Bittner, of Appleton

New Appointment                  Amy Machamer, of Holley

New Appointment                  Neal Rea, of Cambridge

New Appointment                  Kimberly Ann Wagner, of Marlboro


Members of the Capital District Transportation Authority

New Appointment                  Corey Bixby, of Latham

Reappointment                        Joseph M. Spairana, Jr., of Wynantskill


Members of the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority

New Appointment                  Donna M. Reese, of Syracuse


Members of the Council on Human Blood and Transfusion Services

Reappointment                        Rachel C. Elder, MD, of Canastota

Reappointment                        Kathleen M. Grima, MD, of Rye

New Appointment                  Scott Allan Kirkley, MD, of Rochester


Members of the Industrial Board of Appeals

New Appointment                  Frances Abriola, of Canastota

New Appointment                  Michael A. Arcuri, of Utica


Member of the Lake George Park Commission

New Appointment                  William Mason, of Cleverdale


Directors of the New York Convention Center Operating Corporation

New Appointment                  Hugh L. Carey, II, of New York

New Appointment                  Eric R. Komitee, of Brooklyn


Member and Chair of the Niagara Frontier State Park, Recreation and Historic Preservation Commission

Reappointment                        Lucinda Abbott Letro, of Buffalo


Members of the Niagara Frontier State Park, Recreation and Historic Preservation Commission

Reappointment                        Donna M. Gioia, of Buffalo

Reappointment                        Jean Read Knox, of Williamsville


Commissioner of the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission

Reappointment                        Douglas E. Conroe, of Maple Springs


Member of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission

Reappointment                        David H. Mortimer, of New York


Member and Chairman of the Passenger Tramway Advisory Council

Reappointment                        James R. Ruhl, PhD, of Ballston Lake


Members of the Passenger Tramway Advisory Council

Reappointment                        Russell R. Coloton, Jr., of Hunter

Reappointment                        Gerald R. Fielding, of Monticello

New Appointment                  Wesley A. Kryger, of Cortland

Reappointment                        Bernard P. McGarry, of Albany

Reappointment                        Tom Sanford, of Ballston Spa


Members of the Public Health and Health Planning Council

New Appointment                  Kim Fine, of Clifton Park

Reappointment                        Ellen E. Grant, PhD, of Grand Island

New Appointment                  Thomas E. Holt, of Jamestown

Reappointment                        Glenn A. Martin, MD, of Forest Hills

Reappointment                        Ellen L. Rautenberg, of New York

Reappointment                        Peter G. Robinson, of Pittsford


Member of the Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority

New Appointment                  Tracie Green, of Rochester


Members of the State Camp Advisory Council

Reappointment                        Eric A. Bacon, of Camillus

Reappointment                        Milton Frischman, of Brooklyn

Reappointment                        Robert C. Scheinfeld, of New Rochelle

New Appointment                  Thomas R. Welch, MD, of Jamesville


Member of the New York State Council on the Arts

Reappointment                        Jonathan Bard Sheffer, of New York


Member of the State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council

New Appointment                  William W. Tuyn, of Williamsville


Member of the Stewart Airport Commission

Reappointment                        Louis Heimbach, of Warwick


Member of the Veterans’ Affairs Commission

New Appointment                  Michael R. Militello, of Snyder