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Senator Gianars speaks at a press conference on the results of the latest MTA audit.

The press conference was held by Comptroller DiNapoli and Comptroller Liu at Queensborough Plaza, where they announced the results of their joint-audit of the MTA

August 1, 2011


Legislators say fiscal hole shows need for public audit 

Senator Andrew Lanza (R-Staten Island) and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C-Brooklyn, Staten Island) today railed against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) plan to help close a $9 billion budget deficit by digging themselves $6.9 billion deeper into debt through new loans and bonds.

August 1, 2011

Senator Squadron Discusses Ugliest Subway Stations Report, MTA Funding with PIX11's Greg Mocker

Senator Squadron joined PIX11 News' Greg Mocker to discuss Greg's Ugliest Subway Stations Report and the need for sustainable MTA funding that doesn't put the burden on the backs of riders. 

Click here to view the video on PIX11's site.

July 29, 2011

Senator Squadron Announces Major Progress on Old Fulton Street

Squadron Partners with 84th Precinct to End Scourge of Idling, Illegally Stopped Tour Buses

Works With MTA to Approve Rerouting of B25 Bus at Today’s Board Meeting; Allows Redesign to Move Forward

BROOKLYN – Today, State Senator Daniel Squadron announced two dramatic steps forward on Old Fulton Street that will improve quality of life and create a more pedestrian, resident, and business-friendly environment:

July 28, 2011


Written by

Ken Valenti

Jay Walder took over the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in the harshest economic times most people alive now have ever known.

It has been a tough time for the nation’s largest transit agency. The MTA relies in part on real estate tax, and one hit to the agency had come from the crash of the housing market.

July 25, 2011

After Walder: an MTA to-do list

After Walder: an MTA to-do list


Last Updated: 3:46 AM, July 25, 2011

Posted: 10:18 PM, July 24, 2011

The sudden resignation of MTA Chair man Jay Walder gives Gov. Cuomo a tremendous chance to improve the agency. While the MTA has made much progress since Walder's arrival, much more work remains. Walder aggressively pursued cost savings -- including those behind his recent announcement that he'd reduced the MTA's capital deficit by another $2 billion. But the finances of the MTA's capital and operating budgets remain dire.

The taxpayers of the 12-county MTA region need those of us in government to face the host of difficult decisions needed to protect the nation's largest mass-transit system.

July 25, 2011

Statement by Senator Zeldin on Resignation by MTA Chairman Walder

State Senator Lee M. Zeldin (R, C, I- Shirley) released the following statement in response to Jay Walder's resignation as MTA Chairman:

“While many improvements were made to the MTA under Chairman Walder's tenure, much more work needs to be done.

Here are a dozen suggestions for the next Chairman:

1) Prepare for life after the MTA Payroll Tax. Chairman Walder said it was "impossible", which was simply the wrong answer;

2) Cap the salaries of all MTA employees to no more than Governor Cuomo's salary. The amount of individuals making over $200,000, especially Chairman Walder's $350,000, is insulting to all taxpayers in the 12 county MTA region;

3) Commit to staying in the position through at least December 31, 2014;

July 21, 2011

Senator Martins" Eliminating the MTA Payroll Tax Is Next

From the Long Island Business News

By Jack M. Martins

New York recently completed an historic legislative session, making significant progress toward returning our state to fiscal health. We balanced the budget, closed a $10 billion deficit by cutting spending and passed a 2 percent property tax cap. The goals were to ease taxpayer burden, spur economic growth and ultimately make New York the kind of place people move to, not away from.

July 19, 2011

Zeldin: Governor’s Leadership Could Get MTA Payroll Tax Repeal Legislation Across Finish Line in Democrat Controlled State Assembly

Identifying the MTA Payroll Tax as one of the biggest obstacles to creating jobs on Long Island, State Senator Lee M. Zeldin (R, C, I -Shirley) said today that the Governor’s Regional Economic Development team should make repeal of the MTA Payroll Tax it’s top legislative priority to promote economic growth.

“The MTA Payroll Tax is called a ‘job-killer’ for good reason,” said Senator Zeldin. “It’s an ill conceived tax on every existing job in the MTA region.”

The Cuomo Administration has begun to turn its attention to economic development now that the regular 2011 Legislative Session is over. The Governor is assembling regional economic teams to develop and promote new business activity and job creation.

July 18, 2011


State Senator Lee M. Zeldin (R,C,I – Shirley), said today that Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s on-going audits of MTA operations are further proof that the MTA does not need to cut services or raise fares when the MTA Payroll Tax is phased out. Senator Zeldin and Comptroller DiNapoli have recently initiated dialogue with regards to the MTA's finances.

Senator Zeldin has led the fight to repeal the job-killing MTA Payroll Tax, which was enacted in 2009 to bail out the MTA. The Senate approved Senator Zeldin’s bill to phase-out the MTA Payroll Tax (S.5596-A/A.8193-A) with a bi-partisan 40-22 vote on June 15, 2011. The Assembly Democratic leadership, however, has not yet allowed a vote on the legislation despite broad bi-partisan support in their house as well.

July 15, 2011

Video: Senator Squadron on Fox 5's Good Day New York

Calls To Review Service On F, L Subway Lines:

MYFOXNY.COM - New York State Senator Daniel Squadron is calling on the MTA to review the 'L' and 'F' subway lines -- particularly the increasing problem of overcrowding on the weekends.

Among the reasons for more ridership on the lines includes increased night life in the Williamsburg and Lower East Side neighborhoods as well as flea markets in Brooklyn which are popular on the weekends.

"The MTA is under enormous budget pressures. All I am asking is for a review of weekend subway service. A couple of years ago they did it on the F line. It was great. It was transparent. I'd like to see that here now," Squadron told Good Day New York.

July 13, 2011

CBS New York: Sen. Squadron Calls For Review Of L And F Subway Line Weekend Service

Following the release of the Times report, State Sen. Daniel Squadron called for a review of weekend service on the F and L lines.

“Today’s report underscores the fact that weekend subway service is simply not keeping up with New York,” said Squadron.

In a letter to New York City Transit President John Prendergast, Squadron requested a full review of the L line’s performance. Squadron wrote a similar letter in 2009 which prompted the MTA to review weekday service on the F train.

Squadron told 1010 WINS, ridership along the L line has increased drastically because of new development projects in Williamsburg and Greenpoint that have brought residents and travelers.

“These neighborhoods are only getting more popular, more people moving in, more reasons to visit them,” Squadron said. “The MTA should be ahead of the curve on addressing this change in ridership instead of falling further behind.”

July 13, 2011

am New York: More trains needed on F, L lines on weekends, pol says

A Manhattan pol is pushing the MTA to step up service on the L and F lines, especially on weekends.

State Senator Daniel Squadron wants a review of the lines following a report in The New York Times that pointed out that the number of straphangers on weekends has boomed, resulting in long waits and crammed subway cars.

“I’m a big believer in the city that never sleeps,” Squadron (D-Manhattan) told amNewYork. “You can’t have a subway system that’s tied to the 9-5 clock.”

July 13, 2011

NY Post: MTA has app-etite for new nerd ideas

By Jennifer Fermino

The subway map just doesn't cut it anymore.

Navigating the Big Apple is getting the high-tech treatment, with the MTA calling on geeks to make sense of the city's subways and buses.

Agency officials yesterday -- admitting they're not too tech-savvy -- said they want an untapped corps of armchair techies to create new smartphone apps for their often-confused 8.5 million daily riders.

To get their keyboards fired up, the MTA released a trove of data to help entrants come up with new ideas -- and will offer $15,000 in prizes to creators of the most useful programs.

That info includes previously unreleased diagrams of stations -- so it will be easier to find station agent booths at deserted G-train stops.

July 13, 2011

DNAinfo: Squadron Calls For Review of F and L Subway Service

By Patrick Hedlund

LOWER EAST SIDE — Where the "F" is the train?

A Lower East Side politician is calling on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to conduct a review of the F and L train lines following reports of sluggish subway service on the weekends.

State Sen. Daniel Squadron has requested a full review of the L line's performance after a New York Times report found that weekend ridership is at historic highs along some lines, despite the slower trains and skipped stops that accompany subway maintenance work on Saturdays and Sundays.

July 13, 2011

The Lo-Down: Squadron Asks MTA to Study Weekend F Train Service

By Ed Litvak

State Senator Daniel Squadron is calling on the MTA to study passenger needs on the F and L trains, with an eye towards improving weekend service. As the New York Times noted in a story published yesterday, some nightlife-centric neighborhoods have seen a huge increase in weekend ridership, but schedules have not kept pace.

In a letter dated July 1 to MTA President Thomas Prendergast, Squadron asked for a review of both the F on the Lower East Side and the L in Williamsburg. The letter reads, in part:

July 13, 2011

Zeldin Blasts MTA's Continued Fiscal Mismanagement Following Report by Empire Center for NYS Policy

State Senator Lee M. Zeldin (R, C, I- Shirley) released the following statement in response to a report on MTA payroll by the Empire Center for NYS Policy:

"Once again, a new report has been released highlighting the MTA's continued fiscal mismanagement. This time the issue is with the MTA's payroll. Whether it’s increasing payroll expenses, excessive salaries for administration, or abusive overpayments to employees, the MTA continues to come up short in bringing the expense side of the ledger in line with the revenue side of the ledger.

The MTA blames an arbitrator's award to union members as the cause while completely failing to acknowledge other relevant factors like the fact that top MTA brass and overtime abusers still make over $230,000 per year.

July 13, 2011

Statement from Senator Gianaris on the 75th Anniversary of the RFK Bridge

“New York City is known for its ability to unify diverse communities from around the world, and no landmark better symbolizes that unique characteristic than the RFK Bridge. This iconic structure allows New Yorkers from all over the city to easily connect with one another and learn about the distinguished aspects of their respective cultures.”


July 11, 2011


The lifetime achievements of Brooklyn native Dorothy Burnham were recognized and lauded by NYS Senator Velmanette Montgomery (D-Brooklyn) during the reading of a Senate resolution, which was unanimously passed by the full Senate during the final days of the 2011 Legislative Session. The resolution paid tribute to Dorothy Burnham’s many notable contributions to our public education system, the advancement of civil rights, and to the promotion of racial and economic equality. Ms. Burnham was also honored for her designation as recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by the New York Friends of the People's World. “Dorothy Burnham is a Renaissance Woman,” said Senator Montgomery.

July 11, 2011
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