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Chanukah is the celebration of Miracles!

"Chanukah is the celebration of miracles, a reminder that all things are possible," Senator Parker said.  "As you celebrate the spirit of Chanukah with friends and family, I wish you health, happiness and good fortune." The holiday celebrates a legendary victory of the Maccabees, a band of Jews, over a Greek army that occupied the Holy Land.  After the battle, the victorious Maccabees found only a one day supply of oil in the temple to light the lamps.  But the oil burned miraculously for eight days, the story says.

December 17, 2014

Legislative Notebook: State Initiatives of Interest to Veterans

Here is a partial listing of bills I have supported this session to aid New York’s former servicemen and servicewomen. These initiatives will now go to Governor Cuomo for final action.

-- Legislation I co-sponsored was passed by both houses (S.7839, first introduced as S.4714)) to extend the Military Service Credit Law of 2000 to all veterans who have served in the military. Right now, public employees who served in the armed forces may purchase up to three years of pension credit only if their military service occurred during specified conflicts. This measure will expand this opportunity to public employee veterans who also served their country in peacetime.

June 26, 2014

Senator Gianaris Debates Campaign Finance Reform

Senator Gianaris Debates Campaign Finance Reform 

June 23, 2014

Senator O'Brien, Senate Democrats continue to push for ethics reform

ALBANY, N.Y. – Senator Ted O’Brien and members of the Senate Democratic Conference today introduced a package of ethics legislation to reform state government and combat the ongoing corruption issues facing New York State. Senator O’Brien’s bill included in the package would outlaw the use of campaign money for attorney’s fees or any costs for defending against criminal or civil prosecution for alleged violations of any state or federal law (S5094).

May 6, 2014


ALBANY – Today, the Senate Committee on Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions blocked passage of Senator Daniel Squadron’s “Corporate Political Activity Accountability to Shareholders Act” (S.177/A.7287), which would require shareholder approval for corporate political contributions, public disclosure of the contributions, and justification of the business rationale for making them. The legislation would make New York a national leader in the fight against unchecked corporate political spending.

April 28, 2014

Ethics, campaign finance oversight just got weaker in Albany, say observers

Published: April 8, 2014 8:58 PM


ALBANY -- The morning after the legislature passed the fourth straight on-time state budget, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and legislative leaders grinned in front of news cameras, gripped a white ash Adirondack baseball bat, and declared they hit a grand slam.

But some lawmakers and political observers said that leaders' most potent weapon in this budget adopted late Monday night was their curve ball.

April 17, 2014

Senator Stavisky Criticizes Lack of Campaign Finance Reform in Budget

Albany, NY—During the budget debates, Senator Toby Ann Stavisky (D-Flushing) underscored the importance of campaign finance reform and criticized the absence of true reform from the budget that was signed by Governor Cuomo this morning.


April 2, 2014

Sen. Krueger on Failure to Pass Real Campaign Finance Reform in 2014 Budget

Sen. Krueger spoke Monday night on the failure of the 2014 state budget to include meaningful campaign finance reforms. A last-minute one-off matching-funds "pilot program" for one statewide office that seems designed to fail isn't a substitute for real reforms and represents a self-defeating step backward, not a compromise.

April 2, 2014

Senator Dilan Announces Passage of 2014 – 2015 State Budget

$138 billion spending plan funds citywide Pre-K, increases to TAP and higher-ed opportunity programs.Senator Martin Malavé Dilan (D-Bushwick) announced the passage of  a $138 billion budget that includes $300 million for universal Pre Kindergarten programs in New York City, new government reforms and increased funding to social programs.“This year’s budget has made great strides to meet new, and greater demands while continuing to offset the gaps left by previous year’s cuts. I commend Governor Cuomo and my Senate Colleagues for delivering a responsible spending plan that spends smart, invests in our students, and offers some much-needed relief for our working families,” said Senator Dilan.  

April 1, 2014


ALBANY, NY—State Senator David J. Valesky (D-Oneida) today lauded the passage of the state’s fourth and historic consecutive on-time budget. This has not been accomplished with the same Governor and legislative leaders in more than 40 years.

April 1, 2014

Join the Fight Against Welfare for Politicians

Wealthy special-interest groups from New York City and Washington, D.C. want to hijack your taxes and create a taxpayer-financed state election system to the tune of more than $200 million per year. And you can bet it will cost us a lot more than that.

Instead of lowering property taxes, investing in our schools or creating jobs we desperately need, they want you – the taxpayer – to foot the bill for their outrageously expensive political campaigns.

Worse, they’re demanding the same system that’s spawned nothing but scandal and corruption in New York City. It’s an affront to our common sense.

I refuse to support using your tax dollars to pay for any political campaign.

March 27, 2014

Peralta On Senate Budget Resolution

Statement From State Senator Jose Peralta

“Where there is a will there is a way.

"And clearly there is the political will for campaign financing, but not for helping young immigrants get a college degree.

“Senate Republicans argued against using tax dollars for campaign financing, just as they had previously argued against spending tax revenue on the DREAM Act.

"But whereas the Senate’s house budget features campaign financing, it excludes the DREAM Act, kicking to the curb, yet again, the hopes and aspirations of young people whose zeal to live, work, pay taxes and prosper in this great country is being held against them.

"I am happy about the inclusion of campaign financing, which I wholeheartedly support.  I am deeply disappointed and frustrated by the exclusion of the DREAM Act.

"I call on the governor and my Republican Senate colleagues to seize the opportunity we have here in New York to build on the growing national consensus around the need for immigration reform and the obvious economic benefits of doing right by our young people.”

March 13, 2014

Senator Valesky Answers Questions at Live Q&A

Senator David J. Valesky answered questions from constituents during a live Q&A hosted by Topics included tax relief, the Route 81 project, campaign finance reform, and the Common Core.

February 7, 2014

IDC PAC Has $1M, Klein $1.6M

The Independent Democratic Conference’s political action committee will report about $1 million in cash on hand this fundraising cycle.

Combined, the IDC has about $3.6 million, when counting its four members, Sens. Jeff Klein, Diane Savino, David Carlucci and David Valesky.

Klein, the Senate’s co-president, has $1.6 million in the bank.

January 22, 2014

Report Shows Heavy Lobbying Efforts, Campaign Contributions by Pro-Fracking Interests

By MATTHEW DONDIEGO, Legislative Gazette

January 14, 2014

A new report released Monday shows pro-fracking interest groups have spent a staggering $64.3 million on campaign contributions and lobbying efforts in recent years to pressure state lawmakers to allow high-volume hydraulic fracturing in New York.

Hydraulic fracturing, otherwise known as "fracking," is a natural gas extraction process that blasts high volumes of water, sand and chemicals into gas-rich rock formations to release the natural gas.

January 22, 2014

Voters Getting Jobbed

by Ed Griffin-Nolan/Syracuse New Times - Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

It’s time for state legislators to stop moonlighting.

December 16, 2013
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