Assembly And Senate Agree On Legislation For The Westchester Medical Center


year for three years from the State, totaling $75 million. In addition, the legislation includes

a county MOE (maintenance of effort) that amounts to $85 million over three years.

“Westchester Medical Center is a lifeline for so many in the Lower Hudson Valley—We

truly only have one choice here and that’s to deliver the funding necessary to keep it open

and I am hopeful an agreement can be reached with the Governor to do just that,” said

Westchester county residents but to millions across the lower Hudson Valley. It treats patients with the most acute and complex medical conditions, and it has a tremendous impact on the economy. I am pleased to support the change in the Medicaid rate so that the

County Executive Spano thanked the Westchester delegation for their strong and invaluable support of the Medical Center which provides life saving care to more than 150,000 adults and children every year. “I thank our members of the State Senate and Assembly for pushing this legislation through. This is proof positive of the new direction and operational improvements the Medical Center’s management team has put in place and further recognition of the vital role it plays in the health care of the region. Under the leadership of Mike Israel and Gary Brudnecki, Westchester Medical Center has charted a new course, bringing in new physicians and nurses, the latest technology and new services to serve the area’s toughest cases,” said County Executive Spano.

County Executive Spano continued, “With this legislation, the Medical Center achieves the financial footing it deserves, and our delegation deserves the credit for making this happen.

Assemblywoman Sandra Galef said, “This new agreement will provide necessary resources to the Westchester Medical Center to keep this important tertiary facility in fiscal health. Having a compromise in place at this point in the legislative session is key to getting results in

Assemblyman George Latimer said, “Government should be a partnership—and this action shows that the State intends to be a full partner in the financial health of the Medical Center.”

Chairman of the Westchester County Board of Legislators, Bill Ryan said, “I am pleased our state legislators have agreed in principle, to assist the Westchester Medical Center with $25 million annually for three years. This would be an important aid measure. I look forward to its passage and to the Governor's signing it. The financial assistance that the state legislature now seems prepared to provide will help buy additional time for the Medical Center to continue its dramatic turnaround. It adds to the $100 million in cash benefits, over $60 million this year alone, that the Westchester Board of Legislators, working with the County Executive, has provided the Medical Center since 2003. The County has also approved a program to handle millions of dollars in capital needs for the facility. The combined County and State aid will help ensure that residents of Westchester County and the entire mid-Hudson region continue to have access to the finest medical care available.

I thank our County's Assembly and State delegation members for their hard work in putting this package in place.”

The Medical Center is also crucial for the regional and State economy. The Center supports more than six thousand jobs in the region, and the overall impact that the Westchester Medical Center has on the economy of New York State is approximately $1.1 billion per year.