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    by Rick Karlin

    You’ve got to give him credit for unpredictability: Hudson Valley Republican Sen. Greg Ball typically wears his conservatism on his sleeve — the former Air Force officer is pro-gun, speaks frequently about the need to cut spending and has significant Tea Party support.

    Yet, on the issue of hydrofracking he appears to be lining up with the enviros.

    Here’s a release from his office in which he excoriates a driller who plan to stay away from hearings he is planning on the controversial practice:

    Disturbing developments regarding the hydraulic fracturing hearing set to take place in less than one week in Katonah, N.Y. Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson) has learned that every industry expert invited to testify at the August 23rd hearing has backed out!

    The hearing entitled, “Getting the Facts on Fracking,” was called by Senator Ball to build awareness about hydraulic fracturing, also known as “hydrofracking” or “fracking.” Senator Ball invited more than a dozen industry experts, from gas companies across the country, including Exxon Mobil, Chesapeake Energy, Cabot Energy and Southwest Energy.

    In 2010, then-Assemblyman Greg Ball held a similar public hearing, in which officials from Chesapeake Energy attended and testified. Senator Ball is calling on the company, and other industry leaders, to return to the table so New Yorkers can make informed decisions about the future of hydraulic fracturing in the state. (READ MORE)


    Publication date: 
    Thursday, August 18, 2011 - 00:00