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    by Jessica Glenza

    BUCHANAN, N.Y. – Less than a dozen people showed to State Sen. Greg Ball’s (R-Patterson) office hours, a question and answer session with the senator, late Wednesday morning at Buchanan Village Hall. Points of concern among the scant crowd were split between state issues, like tax cap legislation, and micro-issues, including village signage.

    “I have issues with Bear Mountain Parkway safety,” said Reed Outhouse, a Verizon employee who drives the Bear Mountain Parkway to work every day. After being involved in an accident, and seeing accidents and safety coverage in the media, he decided to address his senator about the matter.

    Another member of the public asked if signs could be placed on Route 9 to direct trucks around the village, instead of through the village. Fay Heady, the aunt of a West Point student, said she only wanted to thank the senator for his attention to her nephew.

    Joe Bachmeier, a spokesperson for Ball, said many of the issues brought up by constituents included “micro-issues.” A constituent in Lewisboro told Ball his property is having drainage issues, for example.

    Of statewide issues, the biggest concern remains the economy, said Bachmeier. Eventually, Ball began telling the shy crowd about initiatives his office is taking, including freezing seniors’ school taxes when they reach 65.

    “People are up to the gills in taxes. They can’t make ends meet,” Ball said. “If New York State continues to tax the hell out of people, we won’t have a future.” (ARTICLE)