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THE DAILY POLITICS: HIV/AIDS Activists To Protest, Get Arrested Any Minute Now


    Excerpt from Celeste Katz's November 9, 2010 The Daily Politics blog post on a planned civil disobedience protesting Governor Paterson's veto of legislation that would bring the New York City HIV/AIDS Services Administration's rental assistance program into line with every other similar program in New York State.

    Advocates of a 30% rent cap for people with HIV/AIDS plan to block traffic near City Hall today (and get arrested for it) following a protest of Gov. Paterson's veto of the legislation.

    Among those planning to get hauled off in civil disobedience for lying down in the street to block traffic: Manhattan State Sen. Tom Duane, his chamber's first openly gay and openly HIV+ member.

    "We are going to continue to raise public awareness about the cruetly and fiscal irresponsibility of rejecting this affordable housing bill. I hope that when Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Paterson use extra-soft toilet paper that they'll think of people in abject poverty living on less than $12 per day who can't afford the basic necessities to get by," Duane said.

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    Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 11:41