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by Katherine Pacchiana

SOMERS, N.Y. - World War II veteran Stephen Moravick has been nominated for appointment to the New York State Veterans Hall of Fame. The nomination was announced by Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson) at an appearance before the Somers Town Board. Ball is Chairman of the State Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee.

“Thanks to the brave men and women who ensured our freedom both nationally and throughout the world,” Ball said. Addressing himself personally to the small group of elderly veterans gathered for the occasion, Ball added, “We stand on your shoulders.”

Octogenarian Stephen Moravick thanked the senator for the nomination, saying, “I was in the service from ’43 to ’45, helping in the liberation of Europe. I hope everybody realizes that freedom is purchased for them by the blood of the United States Armed Forces.”

The New York State Senate Veterans Hall of Fame was created to honor outstanding servicemen and women who have distinguished themselves both in the armed forces and in civilian live. It is intended to demonstrate the gratitude and admiration of the state officials and residents.

Once a citizen is inducted into the Hall of Fame, his/her biography is posted on the website. Congratulations to Stephen Moravick. (ARTICLE)