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From The Desk Of Senator Craig M. Johnson:


This is a standard I have upheld throughout my public life and one that served as my North Star this year as I maneuvered through my first legislative session.

I kept this vow in mind when I broke with my conference to stand up for Long Island's schools, and when I opened my own negotiations with the Governor's Office that led to record state aid for schools within the 7th Senate District.

My opposition to congestion pricing and my fight on behalf of Main Line communities that want answers on the MTA/ LIRR's proposed Third Track expansion may not be popular with some members of the Albany power structure. However, I believe these stances are what is right.

Last Spring, I introduced a measure to allow state pension funds to be divested from companies that conduct business with the Iranian government. I was the first New York legislator to raise this issue, and to fight to make sure that none of our money went to this extremist regime. Others have since signed onto this socially responsible divestment strategy, which was recently adopted by the State Comptroller's Office.

This issue was brought to my attention by a constituent who believed, as I did, that this would be the right thing for his community and for all of New York state. I was proud to take up this cause.

That is why I am here.

I pledge to never lose sight of my promise to you , and to let it guide my decisions this year, and in all years.