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Keeping our bridges and roadways safe, well-maintained


Last night, 13WHAM ran an excellent story on the state's Dedicated Highway and Bridge Fund. In a time when a third of Monroe County bridges are past their 50-year lifespan, only 22 cents on the dollar from this fund are being spent on capital projects.

I appreciated the opportunity to share a potential solution in the segment. I am cosponsoring legislation that would realign this fund with its original, crucial purpose. (S.1917A-2013).

Too much of this funding is being diverted to other tasks, like funding the DMV and salting and snowplowing our highways. Important causes, but we cannot fund them at the expense of the safety of our roads and bridges.

You can watch the segment or read the full story on 13WHAM's website.  If this link should stop working in the future, the text of the story is also archived at

Publication date: 
Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 00:00