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Labor Day Statement From Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith


"This Monday marks the 126th anniversary when scores of craftsmen and laborers paraded in New York City to show strength in support of ideals such as the abolishment of child labor, an eight hour work day, equal pay for women and a progressive income tax system.
Many of these challenges were met and we celebrate these accomplishments the first Monday in September; but New York's working class again faces great obstacles.
Today, 163 years later we are still talking about job creation and equal pay in an effort to help working men and women. And again escalating costs, such as food and energy have outpaced the daily toil and struggle of a hard day's work.
This is a day when we remember that we should not have to choose between heating our homes and putting food on the table. Everyone should be able to earn a livable wage and we must continue to strive for economic security to guarantee New Yorkers that opportunity.
I encourage everyone to enjoy their community Labor Day celebrations which will exhibit to the public the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations of the community."