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    By ANTHONY MANCINI, Gazette staff writer

    State Sen. Greg Ball, R–Patterson, began a contest asking fans of his Facebook page to help him name his bull, which he adopted over the summer. Whoever suggests the name that attracts the most “likes” will win the contest.

    “This bull was malnourished, dehydrated, and on death’s door when I found him in a nearby field,” Ball said in an official release. “When I found this little guy, I made it my mission to nurse him back to health and thank God he made it through.”

    Ball is featured in a YouTube video, “Greg Ball on the Farm,” where he tends to the small, brown and white bull at his farm as it runs around him.

    “People that eat bacon, eating tomatoes, you know ham, or hamburger, you don’t know where your food’s coming from. It could come from Mexico; it could come from a factory farm in Idaho,” Ball said in the video.

    Ball said that big corporations don’t care about animals’ lives and feed them steroids and hormones. Footage included in the video shows Ball feeding pigs and working around the farm.

    “We’re losing our family farms,” said Ball. “We’ve got to stop that.”

    The contest ends January 31. Some name suggestions include “Vegan,” “Brody,” and “Bullseye.” (ARTICLE)

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    Sunday, January 1, 2012 - 00:00