NYC Breastfeeding Promotion Leadership Committee Holds Annual Breastfeeding Mothers' Subway Caravan


The Subway Caravan was organized by the New York City Breastfeeding Promotion Leadership Committee in 2004 in response to Transit Police issuing a desk appearance ticket to a young woman who was breastfeeding her infant on the train. Despite all the publicity about the advantages to both mother and child of breastfeeding, women continue to be harassed. The fear of public reaction to breastfeeding is still cited by women as a reason why they are reluctant to breastfeed. The NYCBPLC continues to hold an annual Subway Caravan to bring attention to the importance of breastfeeding and to reinforce the right of women to breastfeed wherever they have a right to be. The focus of this year’s Caravan is the passage of NYS Senate Bill S1674-D, also known as The Breastfeeding Bill of Rights. This bill was originally introduced by Senator Liz Krueger in 2006 in response to concerns voiced by members of the healthcare professions that many women were still entering the hospital to deliver without being aware of their rights under currently existing hospital codes. On the train the Caravan members, including breastfeeding mothers, will fan out among the cars to raise awareness on the issue.
      WHO:        State Senator Liz Krueger, NYC Breastfeeding Promotion Leadership Committee
      WHAT:      Breastfeeding Mothers' Subway Caravan
      WHEN:      Friday, August 1, 2008 at 12:00 noon 
      WHERE:   "A" train subway entrance at SW corner of Broadway and 168th or,
                      59th St. and Central Park West on Columbus Circle near subway entrance