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NYS Senator Eric Adams Offers Opportunity To Obtain Free "Safe Child Cards"


In light of the abduction and murder of 8-year-old Lieby Kletzky, NYS Senator Eric Adams, in partnership with Youth America, offered an opportunity for parents and children to obtain a free SAFE CHILD CARD on Sunday, July 24, 2011, at the Brooklyn Public Central Library.

The SAFE CHILD CARD contains a child’s name, biographical information (e.g. date of birth, height, weight, etc.) and a fingerprint image of both index fingers.  The cards can be made in less than two minutes.

Parents and guardians had the option to choose to store the information in a statewide electronic database.  In the event that a child is reported missing, the data can be disseminated to police agencies within minutes, dramatically increasing the possibility of bringing a missing child home unharmed.  The storage of information is voluntary and requires a written consent of a parent or legal guardian.


Publication date: 
Friday, July 22, 2011 - 17:42