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Patch: Will the Property Tax Cap Lower Your Tax Bill?


7/3/2011 – Gov. Andrew Cuomo and a group of local lawmakers gathered on the lawn of a Pleasantville home last week to symbolically sign legislation creating the state’s first cap on annual property tax increases. The signing was at the home of Russell and Tara Klein, who said they pay more than $16,000 in property taxes each year. …

Some proponents touted the mandate relief measures, including Sen. Greg Ball (R-Patterson), who said the costs that drive up property taxes could take years to contain.

“People also have to understand that this legislation creates the framework for doing away with unfunded mandates comprehensively, and we will hopefully do exactly that in the coming years,” Ball said.

The senator also said he is creating a local mandate relief council that will meet regularly and forward proposals to a statewide mandate relief team appointed by Cuomo. (READ MORE)

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Sunday, July 3, 2011 - 00:00