Robach Continues Fight For Capping Gas Tax: Urges Rochester Residents To “join The Fight”






            The Senate has twice passed Senator Robach's gas tax cap plan (S.5968/A.10289), most recently in January, but the Assembly Majority has failed to follow suit.



Wally Smith, Vice President, AAA Western and Central New York.  “Gas prices are top-of-mind, and as signatures keep coming in, we know that relief from state sales tax would be welcomed by motorists,” concluded Smith.


            Gas prices across New York State are already breaking the $3 a gallon barrier, and experts predict that summer prices could outpace last year's local record of $3.33 a gallon, reached last September, by mid-summer. Earlier this week, gas prices peaked at $2.87 a gallon in Rochester, according to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report, slightly less than the statewide average of $2.93.  Today, in some areas of Monroe County, we have begun to see prices exceeding $3 per gallon.


AAA offers the following tips for motorists:

(1) Consider choice of vehicle - If you own more than one vehicle, use the more energy conserving vehicle as often as possible.


(2) Maintain your vehicle – Keeping tires inflated properly and engine and emission systems operating properly will help vehicle achieve maximum fuel economy. 


(3) Consolidate trips and errands - Try to find one location where you can take care of all banking, grocery, and shopping. Consider carpooling for work and children’s activities.


(4) Shop for lower prices - But don’t waste gas driving to a distant station to save a few cents.  Visit AAA’s Fuel Price Finder on


(5) Re-think the way you drive – Slow down, avoid quick starts and sudden stops, and maintain steady speeds.  A car uses more fuel when it accelerates and at higher speeds to overcome air resistance.