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Saland Appointed To Joint Legislative Conference Committee On Budget Reform


Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno has announced that he has appointed Senator Stephen M. Saland (R, C Poughkeepsie) as one of four Senate Majority appointees to a joint legislative Conference Committee on Budget Reform. Senator Saland, who is Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, is joined on the Budget Reform Committee by Senator Owen Johnson, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee as well as Senator Thomas Libous and Senator George Winner.

"I am honored to have been appointed by Senator Bruno to this critically important Budget Reform Conference Committee. There is no more crucial issue than the need to reform New York State’s budget process. Last year’s efforts may have brought us close, but close is not good enough. Hopefully, we can continue in the spirit of compromise and work to a successful conclusion that will ensure the future of on-time budgets," Saland said.