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Saland Bill To Provide Relief To Taxpayers In Fairview Fire District Passes


Senator Steve Saland (R,I,C Poughkeepsie) today announced Senate passage of his bill, S.525A, to provide relief to taxpayers residing in fire districts overburdened by tax exempt properties. Seventy-seven percent of the total market value of the property in the Fairview Fire District in Dutchess County is tax exempt, causing an excessively high fire tax burden. In 2007, Fairview firefighters responded to 1,818 alarms with only four firefighters on duty. In addition, 50% of Fairview's call volume was to tax exempt properties.

“Taxpayers in the Fairview Fire District are justifiably angered at their inordinately high fire taxes,” said Senator Saland. “Although small in geographic area, the Fairview Fire District contains many tax exempt properties, which greatly exacerbates the fire tax burden paid by homeowners for their own property. The taxpayers of Fairview Fire District need relief and all levels of government must seek to work with the district’s residents.”

This bill will allow fire districts in which 70% or more of properties are tax exempt to submit claims over $100 to the State to be reimbursed for certain costs, including wages and benefits for employees deployed in response to an emergency call to a tax exempt property.

“Allowing fire districts to seek reimbursement will help ease the tax burden on district residents as would greater sensitivity to Fairview taxpayers by local and county governments when considering requests from tax exempt entities,” Saland added.

The bill has been sent to the Assembly for consideration.