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Senator Alesi Introduces Child Safety & Protection Legislation


Senator Jim Alesi (R,C - Perinton) announced today the introduction of legislation (S.5960), which prohibits the sale, importation, manufacture, or distribution of yo-yo waterball toys in New York State.

Yo-yo waterballs consist of a liquid-filled ball on an elastic cord with a small finger loop at the end that allows children to throw the ball, stretch the cord and bounce it back like a yo-yo. According to injury reports collected by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), as of April 30, 2005, yo-yo waterballs were responsible for 397 reported health incidents. The New York State Consumer Protection Board has issued two warnings calling yo-yo waterballs a serious hazard to children and in the summer of 2003 a girl from the Rochester suburb of Pittsford was nearly strangled by the toy’s long elastic cord.

"When the line between entertainment and safety is crossed it is my job as a legislator to step in and safeguard our children from this dangerous toy," said Senator Alesi.

Yo-yo waterballs are banned in France, United Kingdom, Canada and several other countries. In 2003, Consumer Reports rated yo-yo waterball toys as "unacceptable" stating that the toy poses "significant safety concerns." Senator Alesi agrees, "given the documented risks yo-yo waterballs pose to children, it is imperative that these toys be banned in New York."