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Senator Dale M. Volker Statement In Response To New Yorkers Against The Death Penalty


(Depew, NY) Listening to their handlers and paid lobbyists, New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty, continues to resort to disinformation and spin when it comes to the justifiable use of the Death Penalty. Time and time again, the decision that capital punishment may be used in extreme cases is an option that residents of New York State deem appropriate. Certain crimes are themselves so horrific that they are an attack to the very foundation of our nation. In these extreme cases, the appropriate legal action may be capital punishment. Is it grandstanding to seek the death penalty for people who kill police officers, for terrorists that kill thousands, for serial murderers? Of course not, and the majority of New Yorkers continue to support the death penalty when these heinous crimes occur.

Rather than pay for high-priced lobbyists, I would think that the money they gather could be spent more wisely spent to assist those in their communities who struggle with addiction, mental health abnormalities, and other personal issues that preclude them from living healthy and productive lives.