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Senator Fuschillo Amends Save Act To Add Greater Protection For Students


Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr. (8th Senate District), a member of the Senate Education Committee, has created additional protections for school children by expanding the SAVE (Safe schools Against Violence in Education) act to include school authorized activities that are not held on school grounds. The new law was sponsored in the Assembly by Assemblymember Harvey Weisenberg (20th Assembly District).

"By expanding the SAVE laws to include all school authorized activities, we will eliminate any confusion about the rules and regulations that cover student conduct. This will give teachers, students and chaperones a clear understanding of the regulations they need to enforce and allow them to follow consistent school policy," declared Senator Fuschillo. "This law will clarify that students are bound by their school district’s code of conduct at all school sponsored events, no matter where they are held."

SAVE is a comprehensive approach which was formulated to address the need for school codes of conduct and uniform violent incident reporting requirements. It was specifically intended to address incidents and behavior on school grounds, in school buildings or at school-sponsored extra-curricular events or activities.

Under the legislation sponsored by Senator Fuschillo and Assemblyman Weisenberg, any school authorized activity would be under the auspice of the Project SAVE. This would be regardless of geography, state lines and funding for any event.

The SAVE legislation requires all school districts, with the participation of the public and the student body, to create a code of conduct for all students. This code would include rules pertaining to behavior, dress, and acceptable language at school functions.

The code also specifies the standards for security and safety, and lays out the provisions for removal of students and outlines the regulations regarding detention and suspension of students who break the rules. Each school district’s code also regulates procedures for notifying local law enforcement of criminal code violations.

"As a former teacher, school administrator and coach, I know the need to provide our school children with a safe and healthy learning experience. This new law ensures that the responsibility to provide students with a safe and healthy experience rests with school representatives at any school sanctioned event whether on-campus or off-site," stated Assemblymember Weisenberg. "This new law is aimed at protecting children and that should be the goal of everyone involved."

"Consistency in the application of rules governing conduct at school and on trips is the key to teaching our students what are acceptable standards of behavior and this change will greatly enhance the safety of all our school children," Senator Fuschillo concluded.

This new school safety law is effective immediately.