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Senator Fuschillo Announces Property Tax Rebate For Homeowners Is On The Way


Long Islanders will be receiving a rebate check worth hundreds of dollars in their mailboxes this fall, thanks to a plan cosponsored by Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr. (8th Senate District) and signed into law earlier today. The plan will help provide school tax relief to homeowners.

"Providing hard working, overburdened Long Islanders with tax relief has been my number one priority. Through this new plan, hundreds of dollars in savings will be delivered directly to homeowners in the form of a rebate check," said Senator Fuschillo. "This new tax plan, when combined with the record amounts of school aid included within the state budget and the millions of dollars in STAR savings, should help to ease the burden on families."

The property tax relief plan will provide taxpayers with a check for a portion of their school property taxes. This refund would be in addition to the existing Federal and State deductions for local property taxes, STAR payments and the State circuit breaker tax credit. Checks will be mailed in the fall, when residents receive their school tax bills.

Estimates are that Nassau and Suffolk County residents who currently have the Basic STAR exemption will receive a rebate of almost $250. For Nassau and Suffolk seniors who receive the Enhanced STAR exemption, the average rebate will be approximately $400. These rebates would be in addition to each homeowner’s STAR savings.

Any homeowner who has a STAR exemption is eligible for the tax rebate. Residents who currently do not have STAR may still qualify for the tax rebate as long as they file a STAR application before January 15, 2007. Applications can be obtained by calling Senator Fuschillo’s office or the local Department of Assessment.

The program is part of Senator Fuschillo’s efforts to provide financial relief to local residents. Other measures supported by Senator Fuschillo and approved by the legislature this year include:

- Eliminating the state portion of sales tax on clothing and footwear items under $110.

- Capping the state portion of the gasoline sales tax at the $2 per gallon rate.

- Record levels of education aid to reduce school property taxes.

- Over $8.2 million in state aid to towns and villages within the 8th Senate District

- State takeover of the local share of Family Health Plus and cap on County Medicaid costs, which will save Nassau and Suffolk Counties approximately $78 million for 2006-07.

- A new Office of Medicaid Inspector General to help root out and prevent Medicaid fraud, which costs New York State taxpayers billions of dollars each year.

- Eliminating the "marriage penalty", which put married couples who filed their taxes jointly and took the standard deduction at a financial disadvantage.