Senator Golden Concludes Survey To Improve Roadways



State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C, Brooklyn) today announced that he has reported 131 locations where potholes exist, and street repairs are necessary, throughout his Senate District to the New York City Department of Transportation. The report follows a pothole survey conducted throughout the neighborhood, in an effort to improve the roadways for pedestrians and motorists.

Senator Marty Golden stated, "Each year in the Spring, I request the input of residents to inform me of where potholes exist. By contacting my office and advising my staff and myself of street areas that need attention, we are making sure that all pedestrians and motorists travel in a safe environment. Maintaining the integrity of our infrastructure is very important and I look forward to working with the Department of Transportation to remedy the dangerous conditions that exist on our streets."

Golden continued, "I thank all those who reported locations to my office and I encourage residents to regularly contact my office to get streets fix, report cave-ins, and get potholes filled."

The list of locations which was reported to the Department of Transporation is below.
1. 8602 86 Street
2. 303 86 Street
3. 8501 4th Avenue
4. 83rd St. 4th Avenue (in front of St. Anselm’s)
5. 82nd St. at 4th Avenue
6. 456 74th St. B/w 4th Avenue and 5th Avenue
7. 611 Bay Ridge Parkway
8. Interesction of 76th and 6th, 7602 6th Avenue
9. 7609 6th Avenue
10. 7625 6th Avenue
11. 77th Street, Crosswalk
12. Intersection of 78th Street and 6th Avenue
13. 590 78th Street
14. Intersection of 78th and 6th
15. 7906 6th Ave.
16. 86th St. And 5th Ave./Verizon Wireless
17. 370 86th St., Middle of Ave.
18. 8530 3rd Ave.
19. Crosswalk of 83rd and 3rd Avenue
20. Crosswalk of 82nd and 3rd Avenue
21. 7420 4th Avenue
22. Bay Ridge Pkwy and 4th Avenue
23. 363 Bay Ridge Pkwy.
24. 370 Bay Ridge Pkwy. And 3rd Ave.
25. 77th St. And 3rd Ave.
26. 78th St. And 3rd Ave.-Broken Sidewalk
27. 80th St. And 4th Ave.
28. 459 73rd St.
29. 96th St. B/w Shore Rd. And Marine Ave.
30. Colonial Court off Harbor View Terrace
31. 96th St. And Shore Rd.
32. Bay Ridge Pkwy. B/w Bay Pkwy. And 18th Ave.
33. Ocean Pkwy. B/w Ave. S and Ave. P
34. Dahill Rd. B/w Kings Highway and Ave. M
35. 92nd St. B/w Ridge Blvd. And Marine Ave.
36. E. 9th b/w Ave. T and Ave. U
37. E. 3rd b/w Ave. U and V
38. Ave. U b/w 3rd and E. 1st
39. Ave. U b/w E. 5th and ocean Pkwy.
40. Ave. T b/w E. 8th and 9th
41. E. 4th b/w Ave. S and T
42. E. 4th b/w T and U
43. Ocean Pkwy. B/w Ave. U and V
44. 93rd St. B/w Marine Ave. And Shore Rd.
45. Shore Rd. B/w 86 and 87th St.
46. 2520 Gerritsen Ave.
47. Ryder b/w Flatlands and Ave. P
48. 94th St. B/w Marine and 3rd
49. 89th St. B/w 3rd and 4th
50. 67th St. B/w 3rd and Ridge
51. 879 72nd St.
52. Stryker St. And Stryker Ct.
53. 77th St. B/w 10th Ave. And Ft. Hamilton Pkwy.
54. Corner of 76th and 20th Ave.
55. 95th St. B/w Marine and 3rd Ave.
56. 19th Ave. B/w Cropsey Ave. And Shore Pkwy.
57. 80th St. B/w 4th and 5th Ave.
58. 3rd ave. And Ovington
59. 6928 3rd Ave.
60. 227 Ovington and Bay Ridge Place
61. 7001 Colonial Rd.
62. Narrows and McKay Place Intersection
63. Bay Ridge Pkwy. And Shore Rd. Corner
64. 7719 Shore Rd.
65. Crosswalk of 79th and Shore Rd.
66. 14 80th Street
67. 80th Street and 4th Avenue
68. 379 Ovington Avenue
69. Crosswalk of 3rd and Ovington
70. Crosswalk of Ovington and Bay Ridge Place
71. Ridgecrest Terrace on Corner
72. 7002 Colonial Rd.
73. 7002 Louise Terrace
74. 62nd Street between Narrows Avenue and Louise Terrace
75. Crosswalk of McKay Pl. And Narrows Avenue
76. 7235 Shore Road
77. 78th Street and Shore Road
78. 7731 Shore Road
79. 7907 Shore Road
80. 5 Shore Road
81. 8002 Colonial Road
82. 86 McKay Place
83. 88 McKay Place
84. Flatlands Ave. And E. 3rd St.
85. Flatlands Ave. And E. 37th St.
86. 1656 Flatlands Ave.
87. 3521 Flatlands, sidewalk
88. 172 Quinten Rd.
89. 3622 Ave. R
90. 3802 Ave. P
91. Ryder St. Ave. P Crosswalk
92. 1637 Quentin Road
93. 3902 Kimball St.
94. Corner of Quinten and Ryder St.
95. 2028 Haring St. B/w Ave. T and U
96. 417 Allen Ave.
97. 86th St. and 15th Ave.
98. 1502 86th St.
99. 1584 86th St.
100. 86th St. And 16th Ave.
101. 1612 86th St.
102. Intersection of 86th St. And 18th Ave.
103. 1927 86th St.
104. 1725 Bath Ave.
105. 1702 Bath Ave.
106. 1644 Bath Ave.
107. 16th Ave. And Bath Ave.
108. 1466 86th St.
109. Corner of 15th Ave. And 86th St.
110. 1584 86th St.
111. 1635 86th St.
112. 1702 86th St.
113. 1884 86th St.
114. 1934 86th St.
115. 1723 Bay 16th St.
116. 1623 Bay 15th St.
117. 1572 16th Ave.
118. Taylor St. And Lee Ave.
119. Heyward St. And Lee Ave.
120. 2020 East 57th St.
121. 15th Ave. B/w Shore pkwy. And 86th St.
122. 967 66th Street
123. 971 66th Street
124. 963 66th Street
125. 959 66th Street
126. 968 66th Street
127. 966 66th Street
128. 77th St. And 13th Ave. Crosswalk
129. Bay Ridge Ave. And 3rd Ave. Crosswalk
130. Ave T b/w Ocean Ave. And E. 25th Street
131. West 6th St. And Ave. U b/w W. 8th Street and 7th Street

To report a pothole, a sinkhole, a street depression, a cave in or any other matter, please call Senator Golden's offices at either (718) 238-6044 or (718) 627-3659. Senator Golden can also be emailed at