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Senator Johnson Appointed To Head Suburban Caucus


The new caucus will be a vehicle for the Senate Minority to take the lead in finding new solutions for long-standing suburban-based problems.

Breaking New York's never-ending cycle of property tax increases will be the caucus' top priority, Johnson said.

“Now is the time to have some real leadership on this issue,” Johnson said. “For years the Senate Majority has pledged to fix our broken property tax system. Instead, they offer feel good Band-Aid approaches that provide some relief, while avoiding the fundamental reforms that are needed to fix the system.”

“We're going to look at all of our options, and develop a plan to accomplish the real changes that are needed to provide real relief to our suburban tax payers” Johnson continued.

Rising energy prices, affordable and accessible health care, and flooding mitigation will also be among the topics that the caucus intends to examine in the coming months.

The formation of a Suburban caucus is also is also a reflection of the growing diversity in the Senate Minority Conference.

Long Island, and other suburban communities are well represented.”

An announcement of the full conference agenda will be forthcoming.

The other members of the caucus are Senators David Valesky (Onondaga County), who serves as the other co-chair, Andrea Stewart-Cousins (Westchester County), Suzi Oppenheimer (Westchester County), Jeff Klein (Westchester County), Neil Breslin (Albany County) and William Stachowski (Erie County).