Senator Klein Notes April Is Organ And Tissue Donor Awareness Month And Urges Constituents To Consider Giving The Gift Of Life


New York State, more than 1,000 kidneys, livers and hearts are transplanted thanks to hundreds of donors, “many thousands of new Yorkers remain on waiting lists, because the need for organ donations greatly outnumbers availability.”

          To help inform his constituents about donating their organs or tissues, Senator Klein and his staff have developed an informational brochure on the procedures involved in the donation process.

          “To clarify many of the questions surrounding organ and tissue donation, we have developed a brochure that clearly addresses these concerns, and also provides a list of statewide and national organizations that serve as excellent resources about organ and tissue transplantation,” Klein said.  “It serves as a handy reference for those who are interested in participating in the donation of organs and tissues.”

          “In light of the growing shortages that exist in the supplies of organs and tissues available for transplantation, I urge my constituents to consider giving someone this precious ‘Gift of Life,’” Klein concluded.

          For further information about organ and tissue donation, or to obtain a brochure, please contact Senator Klein’s District Office at 718-792-8500.