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Senator Morahan Supports State Budget Places Cap On Medicaid Tab


The savings, designed to ease pressure on local property taxes, stems from new cost controls and a “cap” on local Medicaid costs, as well as an accelerated state takeover of the Family Health Plus program.

In addition, new local accountability standards will save taxpayers even more money as counties seek to improve the program’s efficiency.

The Medicaid cap that will be part of the new state budget will provide real relief to the hardworking taxpayers of Rockland and Orange Counties. It will relieve pressure on local governments to raise local property taxes.

The cap, which also was included in the Senate’s original budget proposal will provide approximately $ 5 million in tax relief to Rockland County in 2006. That amount will grow to about $ 41 million in 2009. Orange County will see about $ 4 million in tax relief in 2006, and approximately $ 28 million in 2009.

“The state budget is due April 1, and my colleagues in the State Legislature have been working with unprecedented openness and bipartisan cooperation to enact the new budget on time for the first time in over 20 years,” said the Senator.