Senator Robach Announces Senate Approval Of Legislation To Strengthen Dwi Laws


New York State.

Senator Robach’s first bill adopted today (S.1613-A) would create stronger penalties for drunk drivers who severely injure or kill people while driving while intoxicated by establishing the crimes of “Aggravated Vehicular Assault,” a class C felony, and “Vehicular Murder,” a class B felony.

The Senate also unanimously passed Senator Robach’s legislation (S.3418) that would enhance the existing criminal sanctions for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and require those drivers arrested for Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle be fingerprinted. Under current law, individuals can continue to violate the law, yet avoid detection.

“Sadly, it seems that many individuals still won’t think twice on their own accord before getting behind the wheel of their car when they’ve had too much to drink,” said Senator Robach. “A vehicle represents a deadly weapon when operated by a drunk driver. Stronger penalties are needed to deter people from driving while intoxicated, and to adequately punish those who severely injure, or kill someone as a result. In addition, many times, a person who has lost their license due to a DWI continues to drive illegally. This second bill would not only help detect these individuals, it would increase penalties for operating a vehicle without a valid license.”

Robach’s bills were included in a comprehensive package of DWI legislation that will keep repeat DWI offenders off the streets and increase the penalties for drunk driving, especially drunk drivers that severely injure or kill innocent victims.

“This legislation will allow us to continue our efforts to make our roadways the safest in the nation, not only to protect the lives of innocent families harmed by this preventable crime, but also to prevent individuals who have had too much to drink from making that choice to drive illegally. I hope the Assembly joins us in passing these bills so we can keep dangerous drunk drivers off our streets,” concluded Robach.

The bills were sent to the Assembly.