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Senator Saland Announces Bill To Protect Animals During Emergencies


Senator Steve Saland (R,I,C Poughkeepsie) today announced Senate passage of his bill, S7184A, to establish animal response teams for use in emergencies and disasters affecting animals in New York State. The bill recently passed the Assembly.

This legislation will create State and county teams to protect animals in the event of an emergency. The Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets would appoint and provide training to qualified volunteers for the teams which would act to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters affecting animals in New York State.

“When emergencies or disasters arise, a rescue team’s first priority is human life and family pets and farm animals are often an afterthought,” said Senator Saland. “Volunteer animal response teams would make animals a priority during such emergencies. They would help to prevent the loss of a beloved family pet as well as farm animals, which provide livelihoods for so many New Yorkers. Additionally, a more specific cause for concern is animal related disasters. Since disease can spread rapidly, these teams would be well prepared for issues that would affect not only the animals, but the humans who care for them.”

The bill will now be sent to the Governor for his consideration.