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Senator Steve Saland Secures State Grant For City Of Beacon Police Department


Senator Steve Saland (R,I,C Poughkeepsie) today announced he has secured a state grant of $65,000 for the City of Beacon Police Department. The funds will be used to purchase Mobile Data Terminals, Mobile Printers/Scanners and In-car Digital Video Cameras.

Keeping officers on the streets and visible to the public is an important aspect of police work. If officers can communicate with headquarters and other officers, share information and manage records from police vehicles, they can spend more time interacting with the public and being able to respond to situations more readily. Additionally, in-car digital video cameras have saved officers’ lives and been used to provide evidence in civil and criminal liability cases.

“In these challenging economic times, it is difficult for law enforcement agencies to afford new equipment which has proven to help officers work more efficiently and in many cases save lives,” said Senator Saland. “I’m glad I was able to secure the funding to purchase this equipment so local taxpayers would not bear the burden.”

“By securing this grant for the City of Beacon Police Department, Senator Saland has again shown his commitment to both law enforcement and public safety. The equipment that will be attained through the grant funding will allow officers on patrol to perform their duties with increased safety, effectiveness and efficiency. We are grateful for the Senator’s efforts on behalf of the department and the community,” said Chief Glenn Scofield, City of Beacon Police Department.