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Senator Thompson Calls For Increased Security Measures On College Campuses


has an enormous amount of students on college campuses; we must make sure to do all that we can to protect them,” stated Senator Thompson.

“We must re-evaluate our emergency preparedness plans, and our ability to make technology improve lines of communication…Different campus settings (urban/suburban) call for different plans of action.”

In a letter sent to SUNY Chancellor John R. Ryan, CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein and Commission on Independent Colleges & Universities President Abraham M. Lackman, the Senators stated “it is critical we ensure that (students’) learning environments are safe.” The lawmakers are also calling for the establishment of a commission consisting of public and private colleges and universities to investigate safety measures. Four areas of recommendation include:

  1. Installing a PA (public address) system inside all classrooms and all campus dorm rooms.
  2. Installing an emergency alert system (also known as a panic button).
  3. Exploring the technology of a lockdown method for classrooms in the event of an emergency.
  4. Installing emergency phones for every classroom/lecture hall and every on-campus dorm room.

“My heart goes out to all of the victims and bystanders involved in Virginia Tech’s tragic events; as a parent, I want to ensure that all children, both young and old, are provided with an opportunity to learn in the safest environment that we can possibly provide,” Senator Thompson said.