Sens. Klein And Savino Continue Fight To Eliminate Statute Of Limitations On Rape


ALBANY, NY—Frustrated with the Senate Majority’s delay in passing legislation to end the 5-year statute of limitations on rape, State Senators Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) and Diane Savino (D-Staten Island/Brooklyn) will seek to attach their legislation to eliminate the statute of limitations for rape to bill relating to admissibility of DNA evidence that is being considered today in the Senate. The Klein/Savino legislation (S. 2695A) passed the Senate Codes Committee on June 1, 2005, but has been prevented from reaching the floor by the Senate Majority.

“No rapist should be given a ‘get out of jail free card’ after committing such a heinous crime,” Senator Klein said. “This is a crime that stays with the victims forever and it’s unthinkable that the crime of rape is treated any differently than that of murder, arson or kidnapping, which have no statue of limitations. This double-standard is simply unacceptable and must be ended.”

“I applaud Senator Klein on his leadership in this issue. Giving survivors of sexual assault the tools to prosecute their attackers should not be a partisan issue and it is shameful that the Majority Leadership has allowed this sensible piece of legislation to languish in
committee,” said Senator Savino.

Klein and Savino’s bill, unlike others in the legislature, eliminates the statue of limitations for all rape cases, not just those for which there is DNA evidence. It is this provision that has earned their bill the support of the National Organization of Women (NOW), 100 Black Women of New York and the Downstate Coalition of Crime Victims.

In 2005, Senator Klein’s conducted office a study of open rape cases in New York State and found that in the metropolitan New York area alone, there are over 800 cases past the 5-year time limit, preventing these rapists from ever being brought to justice.

Klein will be introducing the amendment when the Senate Session begins at 3pm.

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