Serrano Attends Milbrook Tenant Association Meeting


Senator Serrano attended a meeting of the Milbrook Tenant Assocation on Thursday night. He listened to concerns by residents in the complex, and promised to fight for their rights.

The Senator, whose parents grew up in Millbrook Houses, said he was alarmed by the state of disrepair.

“Millbrook has always provided a solid footing for residents, and particulary immigrants, as they pursue the American Dream,” he said. “We must not allow that vision to fall victim to cost-cutting and neglect by our government.”

The Senator said that a lack of affordable housing, and reduction in services at public housing, was due to failures at the state and federal levels.

“I am working hard in Albany to make this right,” said the Senator. “We scored a major victory earlier this year, with the commitment of $62 million from the state. But the fight is far from won.”

He added, “Money is not the answer to all problems facing public housing,” he said. “But when thereisn't enough paint to cover the walls, well it becomes clear that more money will pave the way to improved housing policy.”