Skelos Pipeline Security Bill Signed Into Law


John F. Kennedy Airport terror plot where fuel storage tanks and pipelines at JFK were targeted by terrorists.

“Throughout New York State, underground fuel lines transporting highly-combustible materials, like natural gas, jet fuel and petroleum, pass beneath our communities,” said Senator Skelos.  “The jet fuel pipeline supplying Kennedy airport has already been the target of a terrorist plot.  This new law will help strengthen the security of this important infrastructure and protect our communities.”

Gas pipelines operating in New York State are privately owned with security determined solely by their private owners.  The new law gives the New York State Office of Homeland Security a fundamental role in overseeing these security efforts.  The Office of Homeland Security will conduct annual reviews of pipeline security and the state could mandate increased security at locations where the owners are not providing sufficient protection.  This approach is currently being used successfully for power plants and chemical storage facilities throughout the state.