Skelos Restores Spitzer’s Planned Cuts To Long Beach Medical Center


Medical Center delivers quality health care to residents of Long Beach and the Barrier Island communities,” said Senator Skelos.  “In the case of an emergency, seconds count and the Governor’s plan would have compromised the safety of Long Beach residents.  The Governor’s plan jeopardized the Long Beach Medical Center’s future.  By restoring 100% of the Governor’s proposed cuts, we’ve secured its future and the availability of quality health care in Long Beach.”

Governor Spitzer’s Executive Budget slashed $63.7 million in state funding for Long Island’s hospitals and another $77.6 million for the region’s nursing homes.  Through Senator Skelos’ efforts, the final state budget restored 74% of Governor Spitzer’s cuts to Long Island hospitals.  The restoration for Long Beach Medical Center actually exceeded the proposed funding reduction.

On March 2nd, Senator Skelos and the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council held a press conference to discuss the gravity of the Governor’s planned budget cuts for Long Island hospitals.  At that press conference, Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council CEO Kevin Dahill said, “Long Island patients are the ones who will suffer the most from the Governor’s proposed Medicaid cuts to hospitals.  Our hospitals simply cannot survive these deep cuts. Without this revenue, you will see hospitals eliminate programs and services, and in some cases, shut their doors.  The very same programs and services that communities have come to rely upon will no longer exist.  That’s the reality of these proposed budget cuts.”