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Statement From Senate Majority Leader Malcolm A. Smith, Wny Senators Bill Stachowski And Antoine Thompson, And Transportation Chair Martin Malave Dilan


"Yesterday evening, our state experienced a horrific tragedy when Continental Airlines Flight 3407 crashed just miles outside of Buffalo Niagara International Airport, taking the lives of nearly 50 people.

The thoughts and prayers of all New Yorkers go out to the family members and friends of those who perished in the devastating accident.

While we will continue to work with the Governor, federal officials, and members of the law enforcement and aviation communities to determine the cause of the crash, we understand that no explanation can assuage the grief of families of the deceased.

Scripture tells us that joy will come in the morning. Hard as it may be to see past the devastation of this tragedy, we will do what New Yorkers have always done- come together and support each other in our darkest moments."