Support Builds For Klein's Sex Offender Email Notification Proposal


E-alerts on nabe sex fiends? Yes


Instead of continuously having to scroll through pictures, names or addresses of offenders listed on a state Web site, you can periodically view the site and have instant notification through an E-mail when an offender is living close by.

This would be very effective and appealing to many parents in this fast-paced world that we live in today.

The courts have ruled that the safety of children far outweighs the privacy rights of the offenders. A law that was thought of as impossible to uphold in the courts has firmly planted its roots in today's society.

Megan's Law and all of its byproducts have carved a place in history. This law will forever be the springboard to provide better safety awareness and protection of children and their rights.

HERE for the original text from the New York Daily News.