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Thompson Secures Additional State Aid For Local Governments


The first year Senator noted that the cities of Buffalo and Niagara Falls received record 9% increases in municipal aid, equating to respective additional funding of $12,804,032 and $1,419,139. The funding is earmarked for reducing property tax burdens, economic development or infrastructure investment to generate real property tax base growth, or investments in technology or other reengineering initiatives to permanently reduce operating expenses. The City of Tonawanda received a 7% increase, pushing total funding to $2.56 million, while the Town of Grand Island received a 3% increase nearing the $100,000 mark for total funding. The percentage of municipal aid allocated is based upon meeting various criteria for distressed community indicators.

will help out in providing additional tax relief and sources of funding for economic development,” the Senator said.

residents qualify for STAR but haven’t applied, and now everyone must apply to receive the additional rebate… My office is in the process of scheduling multiple opportunities for residents to come out and apply for their discounts,” Thompson stated.