‘¡Sí se puede!’ is rallying cry for housing activists

By Diane Vacca


No Senate Leader, But Transition Talks Underway

By Elizabeth Benjamin

In the alternate universe that is Albany, talks about a hand-off of power from the Senate Republicans to their Democratic counterparts are underway - albeit off to a slow start - despite the fact that it still remains unclear who (if anyone) will lead the chamber on Jan. 7.


For The Record - By Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz

For the Record

I need to state exactly what I told Liz Benjamin from the NY Daily News this past Tuesday evening because some of the important facts that I told her were not reported:

I told Liz Smith that the gay community has been jamming my office phone line and making threats to me and my staff. I told her that I am very angry that my office has received phone calls threatening my life and calling the women on my staff "whores" and "bitches". I told her that to add to those names, Ed Koch called us rats.


Serrano Supports Union Workers At 1520 Sedgwick

Senator Serrano returned to 1520 Sedgwick, The Birthplace of Hip Hop, on Thursday night, this time to support the rights of the hard-working union staff. The building's new owner, Mark Karasick, has threatened massive cuts to salary and benefits.

"Karasick first came to strip the affordability of the building. Not surprisingly, he's now looking to trample on workers' rights, by ignoring union contracts and cutting wages," said the Senator.


Statement From Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith

ALBANY, NY – (July 29, 2008) – "The Senate Democrats, under my leadership, are united with Governor Paterson in his efforts to bring the state budget under control and to erase the looming $6.4 billion deficit.

Elected leaders need to recognize the time-value of money and the need to implement efficiency measures quickly. We need to respond to this fiscal crisis with speed and thoughtfulness.


Seward Looks At Flexible School Week

ONEONTA, 12/11 /08-- Following the Senate Education Committee public hearing on a flexible school week, December 10, Senator James L. Seward issued the following statement:

“As we work through these tough fiscal times it’s essential that we consider new and innovative cost saving measures to combat the high cost of education and high property taxes. Mandate relief and other ideas are being explored and a flexible four day school week with longer school days could also be an option for some school districts.


Smith: Deal off with dissident NY Senate Democrats



Serrano Says Repeal Vacancy Decontrol

Senator Serrano urged greater protection for the city's rent-regulated apartments at a major housing rally on Tuesday evening. Under weakened state law, affordable units are lost to the unfettered market when monthly rent hits $2,000 per month. The process, known as high rent / vacancy decontrol, has claimed more than 50,000 units in the past three years. Serrano and several Senate colleagues signed a pledge to repeal decontrol. 

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