Senator Farley Gives Helpful Summer Safety Tips

From family barbecues, to hiking and boating, to sitting on a sandy beach with a good book, summer is always a fantastic time to enjoy all that the Empire State has to offer.

But the summer months can also bring some potential dangers, especially as temperatures begin to rise. To help you stay safe during periods of excessive heat, the State Department of Health and the State Office of Emergency Management are offering the following safety tips:

• Never leave children, pets or those who require special care in a parked car or other vehicles during periods of intense summer heat. Temperatures inside a closed vehicle can reach over 140 degrees Fahrenheit quickly. Exposure to such high temperatures can kill within a matter of minutes.


Senator Farley Offers Information on Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease continues to spread throughout New York State. Since 1986, about 100,000 cases have been confirmed in New York. It seems that everyone has had a personal experience with Lyme Disease or knows someone who has been infected with this illness, which in some cases can be seriously debilitating.

The New York State Senate Task Force on Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases has just issued an important report and action plan designed to enhance research, prevention, diagnosis and treatments for harmful tick-borne illnesses. The report’s recommendations focus on the need for:

     • Additional research and data about past, current and future disease trends;

     • Increased public awareness as the diseases spread to new communities;


Senator Serrano Joins Mayor de Blasio in Announcing Increased Security for NYCHA Develoments

(East Harlem, NY)- Senator Serrano joined citywide elected officials for Mayor Bill de Blasio's major public safety announcement at the Wagner Houses in East Harlem. The Mayor revealed a detailed plan to reduce the amount of crime in public housing developments across New York City. Elected officials from all over the city were in attendance to help make this important announcement. Under the Mayor's new plan, $210 Million would be dedicated to improving the overall safety in NYCHA developments across the five boroughs - by providing additional lighting and surveillance, less scaffolding and increased community center hours.



Senator Farley (R, C – Schenectady) and fellow Senate Republicans today launched a plan to invest over $3 billion from the BNP Paribas bank settlement. This comprehensive and fiscally responsible budgeting approach will accelerate planned tax cuts to give New Yorkers the relief they need and deserve as soon as possible, make key infrastructure investments to create new jobs across the state and provide historic assistance to local schools and property taxpayers.


Senator Farley Reflects on New York's Role in the Birth of This Nation

As Americans celebrate Independence Day, State Senator Hugh T. Farley reflects on the birth of this nation and New York State's role in the development of our nation.

Independence Day is the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

"As one of the original 13 states, New York played a key role in helping construct the freedoms and rights we all appreciate as Americans," Senator Farley said.


Senator Serrano Marches in the Annual NYC Pride Parade

(New York, NY)- Senator Serrano participated in the annual New York City Pride Parade. The annual parade takes place along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and is part of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month. LGBT Pride Month honors the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan, which was a tipping point in the LGBT rights movement. 

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