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The documents, facts, figures, and reports that affect the processes, or are a result of the processes, of the New York Senate.
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Format: 09/14/2014
Format: 09/14/2014

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CreatedPostedTitleCategoryCommitteeSenatorCSVsort iconTXTPDFXLSDOC
07/09/1307/09/13NY Senate Web Presence Analytics June 2013 X
08/09/1308/09/13NY Senate Web Presence Analytics July 2013 X
09/03/1309/03/13NY Senate Web Presence Analytics August 2013 X
10/02/1310/02/13NY Senate Web Presence Analytics September 2013 X
01/02/1401/02/14NY Senate Web Presence Analytics December 2013 X
01/03/1408/06/14Member Directory as of 6/13/2014 X
03/04/1403/04/14NY Senate Web Presence Analytics February 2014 X
04/02/1404/02/14NY Senate Web Presence Analytics March 2014 X
05/02/1405/02/14 NY Senate Web Presence Analytics April 2014 X
06/06/1406/06/14NY Senate Web Presence Analytics May 2014 X
04/23/0904/23/09Testimony from March 12 public hearing on New York State's personal income tax system Budget and Tax ReformLiz KruegerX
07/16/0907/16/09Senator Allocations of Funding to Community Projects (CPFs): 2009-2010 Government OperationsFinanceXX
04/21/0908/31/09Draft Report of the Temporary Committee on Rules and Administration Reform Government OperationsTemporary Committee on Rules and Administration ReformX
09/29/0909/29/092009-10 Senator Allocations of 2004-05, 2006-07 Appropriations to Community Projects (CPFs) FinanceXX
10/07/0910/07/09MTA Capital Program: Read the Plan Here TransportationMTA Capital Program Review Board (CPRB)X
01/19/1001/19/10Executive Budget Proposal Briefing Book Of Governor David A. Paterson BudgetX
10/24/0901/25/10Web Analytics Report 10/11/09 - 10/24/09 Government OperationsXX
11/07/0901/25/10Web Analytics Report 10/25/09 - 11/07/09 Government OperationsXX
11/21/0901/25/10Web Analytics Report 11/08/09 - 11/21/09 Government OperationsXX
12/05/0901/25/10Web Analytics Report 11/22/09 - 12/05/09 Government OperationsXX